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HERE COMES THE BIBLICAL “DARK COVENANT”… And New Study Reveals Professing Christians Are Ready To Embrace Whore Of Babylon Harlot Church, False Prophet, Antichrist

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In a somewhat shocking revelation, a study published by the Cultural Research Center of Arizona Christian University showed that while 176 million American adults identify as Christian, only 15 million, or 6%, actually hold a biblical worldview. George Barna, the lead researcher at the Cultural Research Center, says that the term Christian has become “generic” rather than a name that reflects a deep commitment to passionately pursuing and being like Jesus Christ.” While nearly 7 in 10 adults (69%) have adopted the label “Christian” to identify their faith, this large group entertains a wide range of perspectives that are not in harmony with biblical teachings. Among the errant perspectives most widely embraced are:

— 72% argue that people are basically good.

— 71% consider feelings, experience or the input of friends and family as their most trusted sources of moral guidance.

— 66% say that having faith matters more than which faith you pursue.

— 64% say that all religious faiths are of equal value.

— 58% believe that if a person is good enough, or does enough good things, they can earn their way into heaven.

— 58% contend that the Holy Spirit is not a real, living being but is merely a symbol of God’s power, presence or purity.

— 57% believe in karma.

— 52% claim that determining moral truth is up to each individual; there are no moral absolutes that apply to everyone, all the time… (READ MORE)

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