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WITH ZEITGEIST 2025 ON THE HORIZON… Even The UN Is Warning That Artificial Intelligence’s Beast Tech May Pose ‘Catastrophic’ Threat To Humans

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The United Nations has warned that artificial intelligence (AI) systems may pose a “negative, even catastrophic” threat to human rights and called for AI applications that are not used in compliance with human rights to be banned. “We cannot afford to continue playing catch-up regarding AI—allowing its use with limited or no boundaries or oversight and dealing with the almost inevitable human rights consequences after the fact,” Bachelet said in a statement. The document includes an assessment of profiling, automated decision-making, and other machine-learning technologies. While the report notes that AI can be used for good and can help “societies overcome some of the great challenges of our times,” its use as a forecasting and profiling tool can drastically impact “rights to privacy, to a fair trial, to freedom from arbitrary arrest and detention and the right to life… (READ MORE)

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