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WITH ZEITGEIST 2025 RACING OUR WAY… Take A Virtual Tour Of Your Dystopian Future Techno-Prison

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From digital ID to “smart homes” that surveil their targets in their most intimate environments, the ruling class is erecting a technetronic control grid. To add insult to injury, they market it as an ultra-modern utopia that you should be excited to participate in as its newest member/slave. On the micro-level, that will mean (as prophesied in the Bible for the end-times) implanting nanotech under the skin or into the bloodstream to monitor or control your activities and/or biological functions. On the macro-level, that will mean controlling where members of society:

  • work
  • how and when they travel
  • with whom they are allowed to congregate
  • what foods (and how much) they are allowed to eat (with potentially special treats like a piece of meat for their birthdays if they behave themselves)

Which brings us to Planned-opolis (as designed by Forum for the Future*) a techno-nightmare (or some version thereof) coming to an urban center near you in the not-so-distant future… (READ MORE)

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