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Something Extremely Dark Happened At Travis Scott’s Deadly “Astroworld” Festival

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Reports emerging from the Astrowold festival, which took place in Houston on November 5th, are horrifying. Travis Scott’s concert, described as “dark and hellish” by people present, was the site of at least eight deaths and countless injuries. Throughout the entire time, and despite pleas from the public, the show never stopped. As Travis performed in front of a background that was described by some as “the gates of hell”, lifeless bodies were being carried away by security. Everything surrounding Astroworld 2021 was dark, eerie and the foreboding was just disturbing to the core. Accounts from people who experienced the show live mention weird “vibrations” that could be heard throughout. Throughout the show, a loud, unsettling synth kept playing over Scott’s songs which gave a chilling, horror-movie quality to the performance. In short, the fact that the last moments of at least eight people took place in this nightmarish setting, in front of a literal portal to hell, is a thought that is difficult to fathom. However, this is exactly the type of energy sick, occult-minded individuals seek to generate and harness through mega-rituals. Was this show purposely manufactured to turn into a human sacrifice event during the Samhain week… (READ MORE)

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