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THOUGH YOU MAKE YOUR NEST AMONG THE STARS, FROM THENCE WILL I BRING THEE DOWN (Obadiah 1:4): Russia ‘Conducts Anti-Satellite Weapons Test Forcing ISS Crew To Take Shelter From Debris,’ Space Command Reveals

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RUSSIA has reportedly conducted an anti-satellite weapons test, forcing the crew of the International Space Station to take shelter from debris, US Space Command revealed on Monday. US officials have claimed a major Russian anti-satellite weapons test occurred over the weekend. In a statement, State Department spokesperson Ned Price said: “Earlier today, the Russian Federation recklessly conducted a destructive satellite test of a direct-ascent anti-satellite missile against one of its own satellites. “The test has so far generated over 1,500 pieces of trackable orbital debris and hundreds of thousands of pieces of smaller orbital debris that now threaten the interests of all nations. “In addition, this test will significantly increase the risk to astronauts and cosmonauts on the International Space Station, as well as to other human spaceflight activities… (READ MORE)

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