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Petrus Romanus Is A ‘Zealous Cooperator’ In The Great Reset And Destruction Of Church, Archbishop Warns

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Noted Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has issued a scathing criticism on Pope Francis and his association with The Great Reset. Vigano’s comments reveals many things that Catholics and others might and should be interested to know. The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Klaus Schwab’s idea of the Fourth Economic Revolution, which is the basis for previous discussions of “The Great Reset,” is mentioned by Vigano right at the opening of the clip. He then mentions Pope Francis’ connected to this movement. The archbishop accuses Pope Francis of being a “zealous cooperator” in the Great Reset. He said that the Pope wants to demolish the Church and replace it with an organization inspired by Masons. “The fourth revolution theorized by Klaus Schwab and the family of international finance find in Bergoglio [Pope Francis], not a neutral spectator, which would itself already be an unheard-of thing, but actually a zealous cooperator who abuses his own moral authority in order to support ab extra, outside the church, the project of the dissolution of traditional society,” said the archbishop… (READ MORE)

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