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AS GREAT DELUSION NEARS… The Question Is Being Raised—What Will Religious Leaders Do WHEN ALIENS SHOW UP?

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The question of what UAP are is intertwined with what they might mean. Three days before the report’s release, while appearing on a June 23 podcast, Elizondo answered a well-posed question—“If the general public knew or saw what you saw … what would the next week look like? How would the public react?”—with a muted bombshell. “Somber,” he said. “I think there would be this big exhale for about a day. And then this turning inward and trying to reflect on what this means for our species and to ourselves.” He continued, “I think you would have some people turning to religion. You might have some people turning away from it.” […] What about the so-called religious “nones,” the rapidly growing number of Americans who don’t believe in God? And what about the “kind-ofs,” the churchless Protestants, the “raised Catholics,” and the cultural Jews who don’t attend services and for whom religion is more of an inherited abstraction than a lived experience? It turns out that nonbelievers are the ones doing most of the magical thinking when it comes to extra-, intra-, and ultraterrestrial beings. Clay Routledge, a psychology professor at North Dakota State University, wrote in a New York Times op-ed: “People who do not frequently attend church are twice as likely to believe in ghosts as those who are regular churchgoers. The less religious people are, the more likely they are to endorse empirically unsupported ideas about U.F.O.s, intelligent aliens monitoring the lives of humans and related conspiracies about a government cover-up of these phenomena… (READ MORE)

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