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How We Should Live In This Season Of Jesus’ Return

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The arrival of the global community introduces the season of Jesus’ return. As Jesus gives us these signs of His Second Coming in Matthew 24, He then teaches us how we should live in this season. He begins with the parable of the fig tree in which He emphasizes that His followers should know when they have entered into the time of His return. It is obvious and clear He expects us to be aware the season has begun. The next parable instructs us that we should be alert and watchful, looking for Him to come again and not be like those who were unaware as in the days of Noah. The third parable teaches us the difference between the wise and faithful servant as opposed to the evil servant in the Master’s house. The fourth parable contrasts the wise virgins and the foolish virgins in who will be welcomed into His wedding feast from those who will be shut out… (READ MORE)

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