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Disney Further Mainstreams The Occult With Launch Of ‘Villains’ Tarot Cards

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Is Disney, the ever-iconic kids entertainment company, stepping into the occult with the launch of a new Tarot card set? The new “Villains” Tarot cards, featuring Disney’s most famous antagonists, are certain to spark controversy and concern, especially among Christians who understand biblical warnings against these tools that are all-too-often inappropriately and inaccurately paraded as mere parlor games. The card set wasn’t officially launched directly by Disney, though the company reportedly licensed images of some of its most famous villains to be used in the deck — and now the cards are making their way onto holiday gift lists. Religion News Service led its coverage of the new Tarot set with the following proclamation: “With ‘Villains’ tarot deck, Disney pushes the mystical practice further into mainstream… (READ MORE)

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