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MAJOR CATHOLIC NEWS SITE: Vatican Under Petrus Romanus Pushing Pagan Worship, Abortion, Witchcraft, Communism…

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And while Socialism and Communism have been routinely condemned since Karl Marx penned his infernal manifesto, Pope Pius XII formally condemned Communism in such a way that those who knowingly and freely “publish, read, or disseminate books, newspapers, periodicals or leaflets in support of Communist doctrine and practice or write articles in them” are NOT to be admitted to the Sacraments. In fact, those Catholics “who profess and particularly those who defend and spread the materialist and anti-Christian doctrine of the Communists, ipso facto, as apostates from the Catholic faith, incur automatic excommunication reserved especially to the Holy See.” What we are about to show in this report is that an agency of the Vatican itself, Caritas Internationalis, and its sister organization CIDSE, are formally guilty of participation in all of these things… (READ MORE)

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