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Antichrist Spirit Rising: ZEITGEIST 2025 And The Paradigm At The End Of The Ages

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Since creation, the time of man has been measured by ages. The 7,000 year time of man is typically broken up into three 2,000 year ages followed by a 1,000 year sabbath millennium. Each one of these ages can be distinguished by the covenants God made with man during that age. You have probably heard of ages such as the Church Age, the Age of Law, or derivations thereof. But near the end of each age, a rebellious person arises who opposes God’s covenants and tries to stop their fulfillment. Today we know this rebellious spirit as the antichrist spirit. And just like in prior ages, we expect a final antichrist to rise up at the end of this age and make a final stand to keep God’s covenanted promises from His people. We are currently nearing the end of this third age. We are only a few years away from the 2,000 year anniversary of the start of Jesus’ ministry. Intriguingly, a study of the Dead Sea Scrolls by Ken Johnson places us on the brink of the last jubilee (50-year cycle) of the third age. Between the start and finish of the last 50 years of this jubilee, all prophecies must come to pass, culminating in Jesus’ 1,000-year reign on earth… READ MORE)

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