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“Their Flesh Shall Consume Away While They Stand Upon Their Feet, And Their Eyes Shall Consume Away In Their Holes, And Their Tongue Shall Consume Away In Their Mouth” (Zechariah 14:12)—ZEITGEIST 2025 IS COMING… And Bill Gates Warns Terrorists Will Try And Use Smallpox As A Biological Weapon

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Bill Gates has called on governments to give billions in research and development funding to prevent future pandemics and ‘bio-terrorism’. The billionaire founder of Microsoft warned that world leaders must prepare for disasters like ‘smallpox terror attacks’ whatever the cost, and called for the formation of a new billion-dollar World Health Organisation Pandemic Task Force. He gave the warning and bid for funds during a Policy Exchange thinktank interview with chair of the Health Select Committee and former UK health secretary Jeremy Hunt yesterday…. (READ MORE)

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