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God has blessed us humans with a marvelous ability to think—to reason, to “search out a matter,” which the Bible tells us “is the glory of kings.”[i] Jesus even told us that we are to love the Lord our God with all of our hearts, souls, and minds. Yet far too many Christians settle for two out of three, happily swallowing strange ideas based on nothing more than the unsubstantiated claims of dynamic leaders.

Well, we all have a right to believe whatever we want. Just remember that some bad choices have eternal consequences.

God—YHWH, the God of the Bible—made sure that He left behind evidence for the hope we have in Jesus: eyewitness testimonies, archaeologists’ discoveries, and even the activities of demons themselves argue for the truth of the gospel.

Over the centuries, the principalities and powers Paul warned us about have played a long game, cultivating philosophies and doctrines opposed to their Creator. As human understanding of science grew, the Enemy shifted from portraying themselves as the true creators and masters of humanity to convincing the world, especially in the scientistic West, that there are no gods, only highly advanced extraterrestrials. And since, per Clarke’s Third Law, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” those so-called ETIs have become, by definition, the gods we thought we knew.

Let’s give credit where it’s due: This strategy is brilliant. It appeals to our human vanity. If our gods are gods only because they have better gizmos, then we, too, can someday be as gods. Awesome! Where do we sign up?

The principalities and powers, rather than compelling us to accept them as our masters at the point of a sword (or a ray gun), have spooled out line over the centuries, patiently waiting while more and more of us took their bait. Through spiritualists like Swedenborg and the Fox sisters, modern gnostics like Blavatsky and Bailey, occultists like Crowley and Grant, and storytellers from Lovecraft to Roddenberry (and we might add von Däniken to that category), a compelling message has been spread throughout the technologically advanced Western world: The spirit realm is real; we know who created you and where you go when you die; and your mission until then is to “work in the light.”

In other words, the spirits behind this movement have created an alternate science-fiction religion. How do we know this? It’s a faith that promises to answer the Big Questions: Where do we come from, why are we here, and what happens to us when we die?

Remember, people who believe ETIs are visiting the earth outnumber truly biblical Christians in America three to one. The Enemy’s deception is working.

So the recent fascination with “official disclosure” of the existence of extraterrestrials is something Christians must be prepared to address. The fact that we’re not is a testimony to the lack of discernment among the Church today. Not only do we fail to recognize the Enemy, most American Christians don’t even acknowledge the Enemy’s existence.

God save us.

Knowingly or otherwise, the Enemy’s plans have been aided and abetted by the United States government, or at least by elements within it. The intelligence community’s use of UFOs as a convenient cover story is a matter of public record. Evidence for the IC’s role in famous cases like Maury Island, Roswell, and Dulce (the Paul Bennewitz affair), to pick the most obvious, and the highly improbable links between people connected to early UFO sightings and the assassination of John F. Kennedy suggest that critical thinkers should at least ask whether “official disclosure” might also be a intelligence op. Especially since we know that the U.S. military command specifically tasked with creating convincing deceptions, Joint Security Control, has been positively linked to the UFO phenomenon.

Next we should ask why the UFO investigation community has been hijacked by hoaxers and New Agers. Why have serious researchers been pushed out of the way by those who don’t even try to hide their pro-ETI bias?

The big question, of course, is cui bono—who benefits? Who actually wins when the public buys into the idea that our gods are ETIs and that they’re coming back, if not here already, to help us join the Great White Brotherhood, or the Galactic Federation, or whatever their club is called?

If you have a supernatural worldview, which should be your default setting if you’re a Christian, the answer to that question should be obvious.

The issue here is that the ETIs aren’t coming back. They’re already here. They never left. The UFO research community, which has a black hole where its critical thinking should be, more or less accepts the existence of aliens as a good thing. Why? As we noted in this series, the Age of Discovery, which was obviously named by Europeans who did the discovering, didn’t work out well for the native peoples who were discovered. Why should we expect first contact to be like E.T. when it might be more like War of the Worlds or Independence Day?



As to that, why do UFO researchers believe these so-called ETIs? Assuming the channelers in touch with The Nine, Ashtar Command, and Ramtha the Enlightened One are actually hearing from something and not just playing us for fools, why do they think these entities are telling the truth? If they are hostile, why would they tell us?

And if they’re friendly, why don’t they just open a hailing frequency? Why are they so coy? They’ve crossed interstellar space; haven’t they mastered radio technology? Could they maybe modulate laser pulses? Tap out some Morse code? Wave flags? Send smoke signals? Land on the National Mall and announce, “Klaatu barada nikto”?

Why do those who eagerly await official disclosure ignore such basic, common-sense questions? Is it possible that SETI’s chief astronomer Seth Shostak is right on the money when he says we’ve been conditioned by Hollywood—propagandized, in other words—to think positively about our first contact with something that claims to be a traveler from another world?

“Conspiratorial crazy talk,” some will say. Maybe, but only if we ignore Paul’s warning to the church of Ephesus. This massive, coordinated, and wildly successful propaganda campaign isn’t run by humans. Principalities, powers, thrones, dominions, rulers, authorities, and cosmic powers—ranks of an angelic hierarchy—are our true opponents.[ii] And if you consider the influence and motives of the rebellious denizens of the unseen realm, the “spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places,” then a PSYOP like this is exactly the kind of thing we should expect. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.[iii]

Beware, you lightworkers who serve the Ashtar Command. You know not what you do.

This gets to the heart of our new film The Great Delusion. When we look at the evolution of the ideas that form the core doctrines of the people pushing for official disclosure, the picture that emerges is much darker than they realize. For all of their claims to spiritual enlightenment, the New Agers who dominate the official disclosure movement are mostly ignorant of the roots of their doctrines, a condition one scholar calls “source amnesia.”[iv]

To repeat, we are not coincidence theorists. It is no accident that the communications humanity has received from alleged ETIs so far have come through channelers instead of radios, telephones, or video screens. It is not an irrelevant detail that the accounts of “alien” abductees are very similar to those of victims of satanic ritual abuse.[v]

It is also not a coincidence that Aleister Crowley, his successor Kenneth Grant, and the Round Table of CIA asset Andrija Puharich believed they were hearing from gods worshipped in Egypt three thousand years ago—and specifically, in the case of Crowley and Grant, the Egyptian god of chaos, Set.

Consider this: The gods of the ancient world are real. That’s not a guess, that’s biblical.[vi] Those small-g gods are under a death sentence with no hope of a pardon. God has also decreed that those who put their faith in Jesus Christ will one day judge the angels.[vii] The only thing left for the rebellious elohim, the fallen angels who dared to rebel against their Creator, is to drag as much of His creation as they can into the Lake of Fire with them when they go.

And the conflict between the Creator and Chaos has been ongoing since before the creation of the Garden of Eden. As we noted earlier, we read in Genesis 1:2 that the Spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters—waters that contained “the deep,” the abyss, tehom, or Tiamat, the Sumerian chaos dragon. That’s the entity named Leviathan in the Bible.

Remember that occultist Kenneth Grant believed the god he channeled was Set, Egypt’s dark lord of chaos. Set was called Typhon by the Greeks, hence Grant’s religion, the Typhonian Order.

Grant further believed that horror author H. P. Lovecraft had tapped into that same spirit, which revealed to Lovecraft the dangerous grimoire, the Necronomicon. Given the common theme in Lovecraft’s stories of cosmic horror, often built around the imminent return of old, extraterrestrial gods with no love for, or even awareness of, the human race, it’s hard to argue with Grant’s conclusion.



And as bizarre as it sounds, it was the fiction of H. P. Lovecraft, and thus the spirit(s) behind it, that inspired Erich von Däniken to write the book that launched the Ancient Astronaut Theory.

In short, our culture’s fascination with ancient aliens is the result of a supernatural PSYOP in the long war between the god of chaos—Leviathan—and YHWH.

While YHWH defeated Leviathan before creating humanity by crushing its heads,[viii] it is not dead. Its future destruction is guaranteed, however. On the Day of the LORD, “He will slay the dragon that is in the sea”[ix] and when He creates the new heaven and the new earth, the sea—chaos—will be no more.[x]

Creation is far more complex and a whole lot weirder than we’ve been taught. A planet on Earth called Heaven? It’s a good thing one of your authors understands that section!

Here’s the takeaway: Our God spoke the universe into existence and all that’s in it, including the small-g gods who rage and plot against Him (and us). We shouldn’t be afraid to address the question of whether we’re being visited by ETIs or how to respond to a future announcement that aliens have just landed in front of the United Nations building. The universe is a huge place. Speculating on the possibility of other inhabited worlds is fascinating. But it can lead people without a biblical anchor down paths to destruction.

Based on the evidence that’s been made public and the chain of ideas leading from the ancient Greek philosophers to the modern UFO phenomenon, we don’t believe ET has come calling. Ever. True believers in the existence of ETIs have been duped by smoke and shadows, buying into a spiritual deception wrapped in a pseudoscientific veneer.

It’s a pity. They’ve sided with the JV team. Our God not only created them, He created the stuff He made them with. That’s the God who captains our army. And you, dear reader, were created as His “imager”—His moral agent on Earth. And no matter what happens to you or to the world, that’s a job title you never lose.

Ancient astronaut theorists, New Agers, and atheists longing for answers to the Big Questions that don’t involve the God of the Bible will keep pushing the governments of the world to disclose what they know about extraterrestrial intelligences. The principalities and powers behind the thrones of this world may well oblige them someday with an event that looks like official disclosure.

Just remember: You are created in the image of God. You are His image bearer on Earth. That’s a specific set of attributes inherent in, unique to, and inseparable from the human race.[xi] The arrival of something claiming to be from Zeta Reticuli does not change your status. It does not change the need for a Savior or the plan of salvation. It doesn’t change who Jesus is or why He died, and it sure doesn’t change the established historical fact of His resurrection and the victory it achieved over the fallen.

In short, although we don’t think this will ever happen, the legitimate discovery of an extraterrestrial intelligence should have no impact whatsoever on your Christian faith.

The disclosure of ETIs, ancient astronaut theory, and the old lie that is the New Age are just tactics by the small-g gods to lure unsuspecting and undiscerning humans to destruction. They deny the authority, identity, or existence of God, and offer instead the false promise they first rolled out in the Garden: Ye shall be as gods.

So, when you encounter the topic of official disclosure, please remember: We follow the One who created everything. Christian doctrine, and your worldview, is big enough to handle the “what ifs.”

After all, we own the definitive Book on the supernatural. The answers are in there if we just look.

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