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BRIDGE TO THE DARK SIDE: The Problem With Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Metaverse’

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A few weeks ago, the billionaire founder of Facebook announced the company’s new venture, “Meta.” The idea is to create a world of simulations in which people can, broadly, live their lives. Zuckerberg imagines that, using VR technology, people would be able to “go to the office” or “visit family and friends” or do almost anything in simulated or half-simulated places. We could make digital offices, and buy digital art to “hang” on our digital office walls. We could buy digital clothes to wear to these digital offices, and once everyone else is using the “meta,” we can meet them in some digital place without ever leaving home […] One glaring problem with the metaverse idea is that it encourages us, at least implicitly, to forget our bodies. This is something made possible by a pre-existing condition. One irony of the sexual revolution is that by making bodily pleasure a central object of our worship, we treat the body as if it can be remade and molded into whatever our minds choose. In such a world, it’s essential to remind each other that we are not just minds or feelings. Our bodies are much more than mere tools that serve or get in the way of our experience of the world. We worship as bodies and with our bodies. We serve others as bodies and with our bodies. And we make new people who are, in no small part, bodies – with our bodies. God secured our salvation by becoming flesh…. (READ MORE)

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