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Idolatry, Devil Worship, And America’s Moral Depravity

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It pains me to see the sinfulness and moral treachery of our youth in America today. A notable example of this was during the Astroworld concert in Houston, Texas, which brought to light just how low our nation has fallen. At least eight lives were tragically lost, with over 100 injured. All in the name of worshipping celebrities as if they are deities. Where has our faith gone? Famed rapper Travis Scott hosted his notorious Astroworld event in Houston amid the jubilation of tens of thousands of fans. They flocked to Texas to walk through the massive gaping mouth of Scott that brought them into Scott’s concert, or as they may call it, the promised land. Shortly after the event started, the bloodbath began. Thousands rushed through the gates for a front-row view of Scott in action. In the process, people were trampled and killed. What is so sad is that these people must have felt human bodies underneath them as they sprinted toward the stage, yet they cared so little to stop and help. What is worse is that there are reports of a mysterious man who was injecting concertgoers and security with unknown substances. Yes, a man reportedly walked around with a syringe and was sticking people with drugs or poison. Quickly, the fans started falling dead. There are horrifying and creepy videos of Scott “floating” over fans on a prop while you see dead fans being pulled out of the crowd. Of course, that did not stop many from dancing their minds away… (READ MORE)

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