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The Death Of The Moral Superhero: Hollywood’s Race To The Bottom

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It is my sad duty to inform you that the superhero is dead, and Hollywood is to blame. As a comic book author and self-proclaimed nerd, it is a very hard day indeed. I came to this conclusion when I noticed more and more film properties starring once-villains, who were now anti-heroes as the protagonist. With names like Deadpool, Venom, Suicide Squad, and Joker taking over the cultural zeitgeist, it’s no wonder that to become popular, the next hot comic book property has to go darker. I can recall as a kid reading with dazzled eyes the first comics that taught me the value of heroism. These values can be traced back to the first superhero archetypes in the Bible. Physical prowess, altruism, supernatural ability, humility, and, ultimately, sacrifice are the hallmarks of superheroes that have been replicated throughout the history of literature since the Bible was inspired. Superheroes were vehicles used to inspire the better angels within all of us… (READ MORE)

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