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They Say It’s Hallucinations, But Does This Rare Condition Actually Cause Some People To See Those TINY CREATURES Steve Quayle Has Written About?

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In all its dazzling complexity, the human brain can produce remarkable experiences indeed. For some, that means hallucinations of tiny people, dashing about before their very eyes. Hallucinations of diminutive humans can be entertaining or terrifying depending on whom you ask, and accounts of these ‘microptic’ or ‘Lilliputian’ visions are rather scarce in the scientific literature. In fact, few researchers have tried to figure out what’s behind these strange experiences in the first place. In the early 1900s, French psychiatrist Raoul Leroy took an interest in sightings of human figures comparable to the tiny inhabitants of Lilliput in Jonathan Swift’s famous 1726 novel, Gulliver’s Travels. To him, it was a mystery of the mind, one begging for a scientific explanation. “Such hallucinations exist outside of any micropsy, whereas the patient has a normal conception of the size of the objects which surround him, the micropsy bearing only on the hallucination,” Leroy wrote in the introduction of one specific case. “They sometimes occur alone, sometimes accompanied by other psycho-sensory disorders… (READ MORE)

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