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Former Google Engineer Anthony Levandowski Wants To Know Who Will Be Able To Control IMAGE OF THE BEAST A.I. GOD?

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Former Google engineer Anthony Levandowski predicts that at some point an artificial intelligence machine will be able to process so much data that people will call it “god.” Levandowski believes this so passionately he has formed an AI “church” called “The Way of the Future.” Its mission “is about creating a peaceful and respectful transition of who is in charge of the planet from people to people + machines” (sic.) The AI church’s founder has no doubt about the inevitability of artificial intelligence being “in charge.” There is an ominous element in Levandowski’s thought. “We believe it may be important for machines to see who is friendly to their cause and who is not,” he says. This will necessitate an Orwellian monitoring system. Levandowski’s plan includes “keeping track of who has done what (and for how long) to help the peaceful and respectful transition” from human dominion to AI being “in charge.” There are really no ways to keep this from happening, says Levandowski, so we need to… (READ MORE)

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