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DAYS OF NOAH? Inside World Of Lab-Grown Human-Animal Hybrids For Transplants Using Mutant Embryos Amid Fears Scientists ‘Playing God’

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HUMAN-animal hybrids could be used to grow lifesaving organs and replacement limbs – but some fear it may be scientists “playing God”. History has been made as David Bennett, 57, from Maryland in the US, had a genetically-modified pig heart implanted into his chest. Bennett had terminal heart disease, and underwent the bizarre-sounding procedure as a last hope – and he is now doing well three days after the operation. And in the past scientists have used the techniques to splice human and monkey embryos together, transplant fetal organs into rats, and even grow human ears on mice. The idea of the strange experiments tests is for human-ready organs to be grow on mutant animals in lab conditions – helping to fill the transplant void left by organ shortages. So-called “chimera” embryos and the use of animal parts, known as xenotransplants, have been very controversial – with some feeling that scientists have crossed the line… (READ MORE)

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