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ZEITGEIST 2025 IS COMING… And The CIA Is Working On A “Vaccine Credential Initiative” That Will Employ Implanted Microchips To Track Your Vaccine Status

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The Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI) charter describes itself as a “coalition of public and private organizations committed to empowering individuals with access to verifiable clinical information.” In reality, the initiative is led by the Mitre Corporation out of Mclean, Virginia, just minutes drive away from the headquarters of America’s Central Intelligence Agency. Mitre predominantly works for and with government agencies such as the U.S. military, NATO, Federal Aviation Authority, and the Centers for Disease Control. Part of Mitre’s development of VCI is focused on “trustworthy and verifiable” vaccination records in both digital and paper formats, seeking to make all personal medical and health data compatible with digital wallets or a QR code… (READ MORE)

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