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The Hybrid Age (Part 17): Engineered Counterculture, Plato’s Atlantis, and Unspeakable Horrors

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Despite its claims to be scientific, rational, and based on empirical evidence, humanism and transhumanism are based on faith just as much as Christianity is, and thus constitute a “new religion,” as Julian Huxley and its founders claimed.

The religious doctrine of humanism teaches that man randomly evolved from nothing—just from pure chaos and random chance. As such, life has no meaning, because man is the product of Darwin’s theory of evolution despite that there is no documented, empirical evidence to prove that evolution is true. Ultimately, it’s believed through irrational and religious zealotry and an “upper-story leap” into a mysticism that arbitrarily rejects reason and science.

Darwin’s theory of evolution, taken literally and at its plain meaning communicated by its intellectual, scientific, and philosophical supporters, states that life has absolutely no meaning, except what a person chooses to create, and there is no God or absolute right or wrong. Evolutionary theory clearly states that the entire process of evolution, which would include transhumanism, is based on a biological mechanism in which “only the fittest survive” and brute force and power, or “might makes right,” are the “final reality.”

Those who see this clearly, and not through rose-colored glasses, know that this means that because there is no meaning to life, or a personal God, then ultimately every man or woman has the evolutionary right to do absolutely anything, if he or she has the power or brute force to get away with it.

Since transhumanism and humanism don’t recognize that man has a fallen nature, they have no proper checks and balances to restrain evil, and that’s why the elite totalitarians are in the process of dominating the world with cruelty and force that are unimaginable to transhumanists and humanists who possess a self-imposed moral code.

Just like the irrational idealism of the counterculture of the 1970s, which promised love and peace, but ended at a rock ’n’ roll concert at the Altamonte Speedway in California—where the Rolling Stones were performing “Sympathy for the Devil” onstage and an outlaw motorcycle gang, Hells Angels, murdered a man near the stage as documentary filmmakers captured his killing on multiple cameras. Peace and love faded quickly with this murder, and the peaceful hippies were replaced by the violent revolutionaries known as the Weather Underground.

The Achilles Heel of Humanism and Transhumanism

The basic foundational flaw of both humanism and transhumanism is that they refuse to recognize the reality that men and women were created in the image of the infinite, personal, Living God of the Universe and were given the DNA of God.

The very things Sir Francis Bacon and transhumanists seek, which is to empower mankind to self-evolve through science and technology so they can rule over and have dominion over life, is what God gave Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, where they were given the power to rule and reign over their lives and the earth, along with being given dominion.

These powers, along with the fact that they did not age or get sick and were immortal beings, were lost when Adam and Eve rejected the one commandment from the Creator to not eat from the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden. They were tempted by an interdimensional being the Bible calls Lucifer, who came to them in the form of an upright, reptilian being, and the temptation centered around his promise that, “you shall be as gods.”

However, as soon as Adam and Eve ate of the fruit, the death force entered their beings and all of creation. Instantly, they knew they were dying and had lost their supernatural ability to rule and reign. In addition, this death force, which the Bible calls the law of sin and death, caused them to manifest a fallen human nature, which at its core was dark, evil and in rebellion against God.

It is not that men and women lost their ability to be loving, kind, and compassionate, and to accomplish remarkable achievements such as science and technology, it is simply that the death force operating in them continually releases, as the movie Stars Wars contends, “the dark side of the force.”

The definitive proof regarding the Fall of Man is death itself. Both Christians and transhumanists recognize that death is something to be conquered; it’s just that they have radically different approaches as to how to accomplish this.

The Death Force

At one time in my life, I believed the whole notion of sin was ridiculous—an archaic concept left over from the religious Middle Ages.

I also didn’t believe in evil, per se, or demons, or a personal devil. I thought that was laughable, pathetic, and a means for religious authoritarianism to repress men and women’s creativity, free thought, behavior, sexuality, and ability to use science and reason to create a utopian society.

However, based on observable, measurable, and historical evidence, I believe all men and women have deep within them a DNA-directed propensity toward thoughts, actions, and behaviors that create death and oppression on every level.

When mankind was originally created with the DNA of God, they existed in their optimal and enhanced state. But when the Fall of Man happened and the death force entered the first man and woman, their DNA was reconfigured by the death force. As a result, every man or woman born since that time contains the DNA of God, but in a highly degraded form that is passed on generationally.



What scientific empirical evidence of the existence of a death force do we have? We do not have sufficient scientific evidence to quantify this death force. On a personal level, though, I believe one day soon we will have the technology to reveal the reality of this death force.

Throughout man’s history, many things were real, but we didn’t have the technology to prove them. For example, scalar technology is real, and we now know this because we have the technology to use and measure it. The same would be true of the ten different dimensions proven by quantum physics and string theory, electromagnetic waves, bioenergetic fields, biophotons, and other discoveries.

The Engineered Counterculture, Plato’s Atlantis, and Unspeakable Horrors

The Fall of Man is the explanation as to why transhumanism’s attempt to create artificial immortality and a scientifically engineered heaven on earth cannot work in the long term. As I related my experiences with the counterculture, it was not until decades later after enormous research that I realized that the entire counterculture movement, along with “peace, love, sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll,” were not some spontaneous cultural movement.

This movement was designed and created by the hidden hands of Aldous Huxley’s “scientific dictatorship” and people like Bertrand Russell, Dr. Gregory Bateson, Dr. Timothy Leary, Dr. John C. Lilly, the Stanford Research Institute, the Tavistock Institute, Ken Kesey, and others who were backed and financed by British and American intelligence.

Aldous Huxley came to the United States in 1936 to spread mescaline among the Hollywood entertainment industry and returned years later to influence Project MKULTRA and to consolidate the “scientific dictatorship” in America, which he openly spoke about in the early 1970s at a University of California, Berkeley gathering of prominent neuropsychiatrists.

The reality is that there are two Aldous Huxleys. One is known as a compassionate intellectual who wanted to use transhumanism, science, and technology to help all of mankind. The second is the Huxley who openly wrote and spoke about enslaving mankind.

This dichotomy is apparent among numerous humanist and transhumanist leaders. The reason for this is that elite humanists and transhumanists believe strongly in part of Plato’s Republic, in which he wrote that the legendary Atlantis was real and was ruled by ten philosopher-kings, or a scientific elite, for the good of the masses.

It’s interesting that both the Enlightenment and the French Revolution provided an idealized utopian vision of mankind’s future by ignoring reality and adopting a humanistic or transhumanist mysticism that was in direct conflict with reason.

The lofty humanistic ideas of the French Revolution, which paraded the Goddess of Reason throughout the streets of Paris, the belief in the enlightened or illuminated man, ended in a bloodbath and mass beheadings in the streets of Paris. The “scientific humanism” of the French Revolution birthed the socialist, Marxist, and communist revolutions that not only did not produce a utopian state, a “workers’ paradise,” a fair redistribution of wealth, and unprecedented human freedom, but every Marxist and communist revolution, without exception in history, has produced a series of bloody revolutions in communist or Marxist nations that ended up killing over two hundred million people and sentenced millions to re-education camps, mental hospitals, and unspeakable torture.

The “Upper-Story Leap” of Totalitarian States

These scientific-Marxist societies not only didn’t produce economic prosperity or the fair redistribution of wealth, but they stripped people of their freedoms, lowered their standards of living, and created oppressive totalitarian states.

However, when we read the Humanist Manifestos I, II, and III, along with the transhumanist declarations, we consistently see a denial of the obvious historical empirical evidence about such totalitarian states, but we see this consistent “upper story leap” into a kind of mystical-humanistic-optimism that is insanely irrational about the nature of all totalitarian states.

Despite the self-criticism within the Humanist Manifestos by Julian Huxley and others admitting to the dangers of communism and Marxism, there still exists an irrational romanticism about a utopian and communist-socialist world state.

This romanticism denies the empirical evidence of history, rejects reason, and takes us into an “upper-story leap” into mysticism. This is often evidenced by a mystical and romantic longing for the United Nations as the possible ideal humanistic state or world socialist state that will usher in paradise on earth under the new religion of man, which the book of Revelation says will be ruled by the Antichrist.

The late Beatle John Lennon’s definitive song, Imagine, which is sung around the world on New Year’s Eve as the Times Square ball drops, is an anthem to “when the world will be as one,” as he tragically looked through rose-colored glasses and “imagined” there would be a world without money, borders, heaven and hell, religion, and what Ode to Joy poet Friedrich von Schiller called the “brotherhood of man.”

Tragically, Lennon was shot to death outside of his Dakota building apartment—the same building where director Roman Polanski shot the movie Rosemary’s Baby with Mia Farrow and actress Sharon Tate.

Rosemary’s Baby was an occult, transhumanist baby born of the DNA of a human and demon in Aleister Crowley’s ‘Moonchild Ritual.” Polanski and his wife, Sharon Tate, were alleged to have been part of some occult group, and she was brutally stabbed to death in the Hollywood Hills area by the Manson family followers of Charles Manson. Lennon’s tragic death and Tate’s death killed the romanticism.


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Humanism and Transhumanism as the New Religion

Ultimately, humanism and transhumanism are simply the new religion because many of their “doctrines of theology” require us to believe or have faith apart from reason and empirical scientific evidence to believe things such as Darwin’s theory of evolution.

A further proof that humanism is irrational is the fact that, in the end, humanism wants to define itself as a new kind of religion, which is precisely the opposite of what humanism originally defined itself as, which was not a religion, but a product of science and reason. In “The Coming of the New Religion of Humanism” in The Humanist in 1962, Julian Huxley wrote:

Much of every religion is aimed at the discovery and safeguarding of divinity, and seeks contact and communion with what is regarded as divine. A humanist-based religion must redefine divinity, strip the divine of the theistic qualities which man has anthropomorphically projected into it, search for its habitations in every aspect of existence, elicit it, and establish fruitful contact with its manifestations. Divinity is the chief raw material out of which gods have been fashioned. Today we must melt down the gods and refashion the material into new and effective agencies, enabling man to exist freely and fully on the spiritual level as well as on the material.

Julian Huxley’s statement is based on an “upper-story leap” from reason to mysticism, because he is simply replacing the Christian God with man as God. This was the temptation given by Lucifer to Adam and Eve: “You shall be as gods.” Despite what Huxley says, people have fashioned themselves into gods. Huxley continues:

The character of all religions depends primarily on the pattern of its supporting framework of ideas, its theology in an extended sense…. I feel sure that the world will see the birth of a new religion based on what I have called evolutionary humanism. Just how it will develop and flower no one knows—but some of its underlying beliefs are beginning to emerge, and in any case, it is clear that a humanism of this sort can provide powerful religious, moral and practical motivation for life.

Julian Huxley, the Apostle Paul of humanism, sought to provide for man what the Christian religion does—which is irrational, because humanism is supposed to be based on scientific evidence and not faith.

Finally, it must be understood that transhumanism is absolutely a religion. Both humanism and transhumanism, which are largely based on faith and not reason or science, cleverly employ rhetorical language to say, something to the effect of, “transhumanism is the new religion and it is the only religion which is true because it is based on scientific fact, empirical evidence and reason.” This is nothing more than the apologetics of humanism, just as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam maintain apologetics. It is simply saying our religion, transhumanism, is the only true religion, and therefore you should reject all others. What we are witnessing is humanism and transhumanism preaching the new gospel of transhumanism through evangelism.

But, in a truly credible theological debate, both sides must have documented evidence that their religion is true. The religion of transhumanism has zero documented evidence to even remotely prove that Darwin’s theory of evolution is true, and that is the foundational tenet of the religion of humanism and transhumanism.

Knowing that they have zero empirical evidence regarding evolution, they then require us to have faith or belief in humanism and transhumanism, which means that their religion is not based on reason, science, and empirical evidence, as they vigorously maintain. A lot of intellectual and rhetorical tap dancing is being done here.

In distinct contrast, the religion of Christianity has countless scientific and documented historical facts to support its claims, such as the numerous detailed prophecies that have come true and a historical document, the Bible, which accurately provides dates and witnesses regarding the many prophecies that have already come true.

Two thousand years ago, the Jews were driven from Israel after their temple was destroyed, and they were dispersed throughout the world. Jesus Christ predicted this to His disciples. Numerous Old Testament prophets, including Daniel, Ezekiel, Joel, Jeremiah, and others predicted that the Jews would return to the physical land of Israel in the last days, which happened in 1948.

Additionally, there are numerous eyewitness accounts of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, along with detailed prophecies regarding His virgin birth and where He would be born. The tomb of Christ was surrounded by the Roman equivalent of “special forces,” and so there was no possibility His body was stolen. Finally, again there were numerous eyewitness accounts of people seeing and talking to Jesus in His new glorified body. These are just a tiny number of proofs for the claims of Christianity.

It’s impossible to avoid the fact that, at its root, transhumanism is a religion that offers synthetic or virtual salvation in the form of uploading the human consciousness into a cloned body, humanoid, android, cyborg or robot, like the movie Transcendence starring Johnny Depp.

Transhumanism offers to build heaven on earth through a scientific, global utopia, but it ignores the empirical evidence that every single humanist attempt at building paradise on earth has resulted in a nightmare.

The global government of ancient Babylon at the Tower of Babel failed because the personal, living God of the Universe saw the evil that would be produced through this “Mystery, Babylon” system. Other humanist efforts at creating a utopia or paradise have horribly failed, from the French Revolution to the Bolshevik or Russian communist revolution to every other communist revolution.

The final humanistic revolution all around us is the globalists elite’s plan for a one-world government, but it is embedded with the same totalitarian neurological virus as both the French Revolution and communism.

The disparity between what humanism and transhumanism claim to be versus what they produce can only be understood when we acknowledge that humanism is irrational, and it is not based on reason or scientific empirical evidence, but requires faith to believe, just like every religion. Transhumanism is a religion that simply changes gods. Instead of the God of the Bible, transhumanists worship man as god.

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