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End Times For Israel? The Apocalyptic ‘Quranic’ Prophecy Electrifying Palestinians

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As many as 73% of Palestinians believe a Qur’anic prophecy that says Israel will collapse by June this year. As nonsensical as this sounds, this belief is worrying, given the religious zeal that undergirds the psychology and behaviour of Palestinians, as the jihad against Israel is constantly reinforced by the Palestinian leadership. Anti jihad activist Robert Spencer’s website says, “Take, for example, Iran’s growing presence in Syria (Russia has been swapping out its forces in Syria for Iranians because of its war in Ukraine), the current escalation at al-Aqsa mosque (reminiscent of last May), the call of the Islamic State to escalate attacks, particularly in light of its more recent influence, and the turbulence now taking place in the fragile Israeli coalition government, which includes the Arab Joint List.” “Prominent Palestinian West Bank Islamist scholar, Dr Bassam Jarrar, a longtime Hamas spiritual leader and a YouTube icon, with almost 700,000 subscribers” is propelling the doomsday view, which a majority of Palestinians are lapping up…(READ MORE)

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