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666 UPDATE: Medical Pills With MicroChips And A New Proposal To Monitor Your Carbon Footprint

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Critics are sounding the alarm about ongoing developments in tracking technology for humans. It comes as comments from the World Economic Forum about using tech to monitor human behavior are going viral. Two separate developments are causing concern. The latest one involves creating a platform that can be used to monitor individual carbon emissions, and we’ll dig into that in just a moment. The other development involves medical pills that include tracking sensors similar to the implantable microchips that have become available in several countries. Legitimate questions remain about the future use of this technology. For example, could such a wireless pill be used one day by authorities to track other activities? As CBN News has reported, potential privacy concerns are already being raised about the ongoing development of such technology in implantable microchips that are being injected into the hands of thousands of willing participants across Europe…(READ MORE)

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