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ZEITGEIST 2025 IS COMING… And Here Is What Being A Christian Means As Civilization Collapses

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Chuck Colson is not the only thinker to have pointed to the inevitabilities of cultural breakdown. “Great civilizations are not murdered,” wrote historian Arnold Toynbee. “They commit suicide.” In other words, civilizations do not last forever, and there are rules that determine whether or not they have a future. We are at such a moment, if not already past it. For example, a civilization cannot survive if it is not preparing for the future. The dual modern realities of debt, both individually and nationally, and demographics, especially the collapse of birth rates below replacement levels, indicate that as a people we live more for immediate gratification than a strong tomorrow. Of course, in an ultimately meaningless world, there is no sense of tomorrow. And increasingly, studies reveal that our culture suffers from a catastrophic loss of meaning. This only makes sense for a culture already detached from ultimate categories of truth and identity, but that doesn’t make life here any easier…(READ MORE)

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