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MAKING WAY FOR THE SECRET DESTINY OF AMERICA? WITH ZEITGEIST 2025 RACING THIS WAY… Biden Announces HUGE Military Build-Up On Gog-Magog’s  Border In Preparation Of WW-3

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JOE Biden today pledged to beef up US military might in Europe amid the growing threat of all-out war with Russia. He confirmed the US will send two extra squadrons of F-35 jets to the UK, base two more destroyers in Spain and establish a permanent 5th Army headquarters in Poland. He also said an additional rotational brigade will be deployed to Romania and more air defense and other capabilities will be stationed in Germany and Italy. And Washington will “enhance” rotational deployments in the Baltic region, right on Vladimir Putin’s doorstep. Putin’s allies have recently discussed invading Baltic nations amid increasingly extreme threats to nuke London and Washington. Mr Biden pledged to make sure NATO is ready to meet threats from all directions across all domains, land air and sea… (READ MORE)

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