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Mastercard Joins March Toward 666 With Controversial Biometric Payments System Requiring Head & Hand Scanning

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Amid privacy concerns, payments giant Mastercard is rolling out the controversial biometric payment systems, allowing users to pay with the wave of a hand or a smile at a camera. However, privacy advocates have raised concerns about biometric checkout systems. “Mastercard themselves have recognized the data and security concerns that come with the use of biometrics,” Suzie Miles, a lawyer, told The Guardian. “A password can be changed, your smile and wave can not. If biometric data is hacked then the risk of fraudulent activity could be considerably higher than current payment methods.” Others fear that the systems will collect and store data that can be used to monitor and track users. “While it seems Mastercard have taken steps to protect and encrypt this data, as biometric payments become more commonplace the use of such data is likely to evolve and it will inevitably become harder to protect individuals rights to privacy,” Miles added…(READ MORE)

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