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FROM THE DOMAIN OF ANGELS? Something Inside An Invisible “Mirror World” Might Be Making Our Universe Expand, Scientists Say

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Astrophysicists have been struggling to figure out why a fundamental figure that has helped explain the expansion of our universe since its inception isn’t as reliable as once thought. Our data-gathering instruments, including both ground- and space-based telescopes, have improved over the years. But we don’t have to scrap the current model of the universe. Instead, there could be a mirror universe that’s just like our own, exerting its invisible influence on ours. Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque is trying to reconcile differing figures for the Hubble constant by using the idea of a “mirror universe.” It’s identical to our own, down to the subatomic particles, but its only interaction with our world is through its gravitational influence. Cyr-Racine’s research on the possibility of a mirror universe was published earlier this month in the journal Physical Review Letters…(READ MORE)

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