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Could Scientists Make Jurassic Park A Reality By Reviving Those Species That Were Wiped Out During The Fall Of Satan “As Lightning From Heaven” (Luke 10:18)?

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Embedded in calcified cartilage at the back of the skull were what appeared to be fossilised cells. Some contained tiny structures that resembled nuclei. In one was what looked like a clump of chromosomes, the threads that bear an organism’s DNA. Bailleul showed the specimens to Mary Schweitzer, a professor and specialist in molecular palaeontology at North Carolina State University, who was visiting the museum. Schweitzer was intrigued by Bailleul’s discovery and the two joined forces to study the fossils further. In early 2020, as the world was dealing with the arrival of Covid, they published a bombshell paper on their findings. Their report laid out not only evidence for dinosaur cells and nuclei in the hadrosaur fossils, but results from chemical tests that pointed to DNA, or something like it, coiled up inside…(READ MORE)

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