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THE FINAL NEPHILIM–PART 10: Is Bradshaw Ranch On The Path Of The Immortals?

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Located twelve miles outside of Sedona is the famous Bradshaw Ranch. It got its name when Hollywood stuntman Bob Bradshaw acquired the 140-acre ranch in 1960 for two hundred dollars an acre. At that time, all that remained of the original homestead was an old adobe house believed to be the oldest pioneer structure in the area. When he wasn’t working in the movies, Bradshaw turned the property into a working ranch and movie set.

The western town set on the ranch served as the primary location for five movies, two television series, and many commercials. In total, more than fifty full-length motion pictures were shot in the area.[i] An original Marlboro man (who didn’t smoke), Bradshaw was a stunt double for many leading stars, including Jimmy Stewart, John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Beau Bridges, Kenny Rogers, and even Elvis Presley. The “Crocodile Dundee” (aka Paul Hogan) Subaru commercials were mostly filmed at the ranch, as well as many other commercials and photo shoots.[ii]

Vegetation in the area consists primarily of pinon pines, juniper trees, Arizona cypress, cottonwood trees, mesquite trees, prickly pear cactus, agave cactus, sagebrush, and tumbleweed, along with various other shrubs and bushes.[iii] Trees only reach around twelve to fifteen feet in height, and most are scrubby and bush-like. The western town of Hollywood fame was torn down by the forestry service, but the ranch house and round, fenced, livestock fields can still be seen on Google Earth. Lately, the most photographed part of the ranch is the locked gate.

John Bradshaw, Bob’s son, explained why he originally started “A Day in West” tour business: “In 1997, the property taxes on my dad’s ranch jumped from $2,500 per year to $25,000. I developed the Jeep tour business as a way to help bankroll the purchase of the ranch.”[iv] At that time, tourists spent a full day on the still-working ranch or classic western movie set. Folks so inclined could even play cowboy for a day on horseback. A Day in the West quickly became a popular attraction. Nevertheless, the property was acquired by the US Forestry Service in April of 2001 for $3.5 million.[v] What remains unexplained is why the federal agency has forbidden access to the tax-paying public (who paid for the land) since May 10, 2003.[vi] The word on the street in Sedona is that the government is covering up a virtual invasion of interdimensional entities coming through a wide-open dimensional corridor.

Dimensional corridors are held by physicists to be theoretically possible. Astrophysicist Hugh Ross gives a scientific explanation: “If a black hole connected to one sheet of space-time in the universe happens to make contact with another black hole connected to a different sheet of space-time, that point of contact may (hypothetically) offer a travel corridor.”[vii] Interestingly, he has also pointed out the occult connection to residual (unexplained) unidentified flying objects (RUFOs): “Observations reveal that professional astronomers deeply involved in cultic, occultic, or certain New Age pursuits often see RUFOs, whereas professional astronomers who stay away from such pursuits never encounter RUFOs.”[viii] Perhaps this data is explained by the fact that occult and New Age activities potentiate interdimensional portals?

In magical practice, such passages are assumed. A local occultist, David Miller, explains: “Corridors are tunnels of energy connecting the fifth dimension to the third. In a sense, they are interdimensional, they exist in neither dimension yet connect to both.… There are many corridors in the Southwest, including around Sedona and the Grand Canyon.”[ix] Other areas include the San Luiz Valley, Colorado; Skinwalker Ranch, Utah; ECETI Ranch, Washington; Yakima, Washington; and Mount Shasta, California.

We believe the case for extra dimensions, made in Exo-Vaticana and bolstered by the work now in your hands, supports identifying the most active hotspots as entry zones. If finding such a gateway is even a remote possibility, then Sedona’s Bradshaw Ranch is a top candidate. After living on the ranch for two years, Linda Bradshaw observed:

I believe these openings have always been on our plane and they’ve perhaps been the portals to allow others in, but if one were to ask my opinion of my experiences regarding this magical place, I would say that not only are they being allowed in, but they are coming in in great numbers. I would also love to say that only compassionate beings of light are scooting through these portals, but this does not always seem to be the case. I have come face to face with a few decidedly nasty beings.[x]

Her appraisal is refreshing because interdimensional entities are usually discussed in the glowing terms of a New Age. We were also encouraged that the former Mrs. Bradshaw (who now goes by Linda Ball) prudently aligned with the God of the Bible, offering this advice, “It is important that one declares his or her position (who one is and whom they serve) and knows this to be true.” And then finishing with Isaiah 6:3‘Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of Hosts.’”[xi] It’s difficult to dismiss her testimony because she displayed good instincts. For example, after an encounter with the Greys, she remarked, “They did not leave me with a particularly good feeling.”[xii] Bradshaw Ranch or not, a negative assessment of the Greys should come as no surprise to our readers.

Over a decade ago, I wrote, “This is what I was talking about from the moment I mentioned time-dimensional doorways, and the entities that can and do move through them. Since the beginning of time and on every continent of the world the record bears the frightening image of those who often come through.” While the entities change over time, the similar features (like an overly large head) are remarkable.



It seems likely that Sedona has been one of the main demonic doorways in the United States since 1980.The flood of false spirituality and theological error coming from the region is unprecedented. While it’s far from an exact science, the magnetic anomalies, coupled with so much documented vortex and portal lore, leads us to suspect an open preternatural portal area. No other region in the continental United States compares when it comes to identified vortexes. Whether this is a Jungian consciousness-driven phenomenon or one quantifiable by materialist science, or some of both, is still open to interpretation. We suspect both. According to UFO Digest, Bradshaw Ranch “has seen more paranormal activity in recent years than perhaps any other US location. So much so, it appears to have attracted the attention of the US federal government. A cluster of paranormal activity has been reported; from sightings of strange humanoid entities, to the pulsating lights of UFOs—and the most massive amount of orb activity ever witness by this investigator.”[xiii] Bradshaw Ranch is one of the primary reasons we came to Sedona.

A Day in the Weird, Wild West

In order to investigate the phenomenon, we arranged to take the “orb and conspiracy theory tour”[xiv] with Bradshaw’s “A Day in West” event. Standing six feet, two inches tall, at 250 pounds, our guide only gave the name “Hoss.” Sporting a tan cowboy hat, his authentic western poncho concealed an iPhone, hunting knife, and a Smith and Wesson revolver. Bradshaw Point was declared “no man’s land” by the US government, but even they can’t stop us from looking over it from a high point. At least with a gun-toting cowboy in the lead, we were prepared for the worst if it came.

We pulled up to Bradshaw Hill, overlooking the ranch to the west, the surrounding canyons north and northeast, and Sedona to the southeast (follow footnoted link to Google Maps).[xv] The weather conditions were optimal between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m. on January 15, 2015. When we arrived, the temperature was around 54 degrees, and it cooled to the mid forties as the sun went down. Humidity went from a daytime 35 percent up to 50 percent at nightfall. There was a light breeze around twelve miles per hour[xvi] when we got out of the car and began setting up our gear.

Getting down to business, our guide pulled out a magnetometer, which quickly spiked, giving a highly anomalous reading. Fortunately, my previous training paid off here.

In preparation for writing the Supernatural Worldview: Examining Paranormal, Psi, and the Apocalyptic, Cris Putnam studied the scientific discipline of parapsychology and completed specific training in filed investigation with degreed parapsychologist Loyd Auerbach, MS.[xvii] He learned that of all the fanciful instruments used on ghost-hunting shows, magnetometers have real evidential merit. Auerbach found that his magnetometers detect “unusually high magnetic field[s]” at the spots where “ghosts” are seen.[xviii] He also found that magnetometers register high readings when people communicate with an apparition, and the readings fall back down when the communication ceases.[xix] A portal researcher, Phillip Imbrogno, observed, “What all these interdimensional vortex and window areas have in common around the world is that they all sit right on top of a number of magnetic anomalies with an intermediate electromagnetic pulse.”[xx] If Keel, Auerbach, and Imbrogno’s theories are correct, then the high magnetic field reading we observed upon arrival at Bradshaw Hill might indicate a spirit, an interdimensional portal, both, or another nearby anomaly. As the night progressed, the interdimensional inference was corroborated.

The portal hypothesis was only on the table for our research because of previous documentation of related anomalous activity. The books Merging Dimensions[xxi] and Dimensional Journey[xxii] feature copyrighted photographs of orbs, UFOs, and even Bigfoot tracks. Also, the anecdotal evidence for a portal at the ranch is compelling. After living there a few years with her children, Linda Ball (formerly married to Bob Bradshaw) wrote:

My perception of reality was tested and questioned again and again as I had encounters with extraterrestrials, Bigfoot and other humanlike entities that towered over me. I was able to photograph much of the phenomena, which began rather benignly with wafting, multi-colored orbs of light, then escalated over seven years to the more heart-stopping episodes where I encountered and interacted with otherworldly beings.[xxiii]

After one particularly scary incident involving flying saucers, Ball writes that Bob thought she (Linda) was an extraterrestrial and refused to let her back in the house. She wrote, “As he later confessed to me, he suspected that I was one of ‘them’ and he was therefore afraid of me. This was tragic. It took about two hours before he relented and unlocked the doors, allowing me to come in out of the cold.”[xxiv] While Mr. Bradshaw passed away in 2008 and is unable to give his side of the story, one is hard pressed to imagine the rough-and-tumble cowboy in such a state of terror. Ball and Bradshaw eventually split up. Linda now lives in Montana. John Bradshaw, their son, still lives in Sedona operating the tour company that we hired for this investigation.

Merely suggesting the existence of an interdimensional portal is controversial, but there is supporting evidence. On the way to Bradshaw Hill, Hoss admitted that he was initially skeptical, but became a fast believer after only two outings. With half a dozen or so UFO and orb tours based in Sedona (some are led by self-identified alien abductees), it’s becoming a common testimony.[xxv] In a New York Times article titled “Abandoning Doubt in Sedona, Arizona,” a skeptical reporter concedes, “In approximately two hours, we counted about 40 unidentifiable things flying high above us.”[xxvi] After more than twenty-five years of investigating, Tom Dongo claims to have witnessed and photographed flying and stationary light orbs of different sizes, shapes, and colors many thousands of times.[xxvii] He also believes the evidence supports the existence of some sort of portal. “Some of these lights would fly around some, then either blink out or fly off into the distance. Clearly, after observing for so long, it was evident to me that most of these lights originated from the same point—or points. This would indicate some sort of entrance point, or portal.”[xxviii]After completing our field investigation, we agree.


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I have never been an orb believer, because most of what I’ve seen looks to be dust particles, drops of water, moisture on the lens, and things of that nature. Even so, my experience on Bradshaw Hill changed my mind. At dusk, we captured a vivid orb on video without using flash photography. Even though there was no wind, it moved extremely fast, changed direction, and then faded out of existence. A short video clip is available at the footnote here.[xxix] While the clip is too brief to evidence intelligence, it seems to make an evasive maneuver. Another elusive orb had earlier been seen from this same hill that “seemed to know people were trying to get a shot of it. It would always blink out just before the shutter was tripped or the camcorder was focused.”[xxx]

Alternating positions with my wife, one of us awkwardly posed while the other snapped off shots using flash, with a Canon Powershot SX40HS. All the while, our videographer (Chris Florio) continuously shot video. This allowed for rigorous review of the video, when anomalies are in the still image. If a ball of light appears on both cameras, then most common natural phenomena created by dust and moisture close to or on the lens of the flash-enabled camera are excluded. Accordingly, in this book, the orb evidence considered appears on both cameras. Bright-light orbs are clearly seen in photos and video shot simultaneously from different angles. On one occasion, the videographer saw a light orb with the naked eye that was later confirmed on the photo and video, available at the footnote here.[xxxi] It appears to be the size of a grapefruit about ten to twelve feet behind Putnam.

In the distance, we saw a fast-moving UFO. Flashing across the sky with untold speed, it was gone before we could aim a camera toward it. Clearly, there was a multifaceted phenomenon manifestation throughout the area at that time. According to our guide, these orbs are spirits from nearby Indian burial mounds. We believe the variety of behavior and appearance leaves multiple explanations open for consideration: spirits, spook lights, and earth lights.

First, the weight of testimony suggests that spirit entities and interdimensional beings are crossing over from the nearby portal. Regarding our fast, jerking orb from the first video, L. A. Marzulli replied:

I think you captured an orb on film. In Watchers 1 we showed pictures of hundreds of orbs flying into ECETI ranch. Then there’s the one clip where a man is standing in the field where these orbs appear and one flew into the back of his neck and doesn’t come out again. Posession? Maybe, and this is why I believe the orbs may actually be what disembodied spirits look like.[xxxii]

While this notion is the most common, opinions vary. Max Greiner and Joie Pirkey believe that God’s holy angels travel about in orb form. Pirkey has many interesting photos taken during worship services.[xxxiii] Of course, in the Bible even “angels” are a bifurcated category (“holy” Acts 10:21; cf. “fallen” Matthew 25:41). Thus, the category “spirits” is likely multifaceted, and distinguishing characteristics are not easily discerned from such photographic evidence.

Second, some of the orbs behave like spook lights or ghost lights, traditionally called the will-o’-the-wisp. The ghost light phenomenon is known by a variety of names in English, including “hinkypunk,”“jack-o’-lantern,”“friars’ lantern,” and “hobby lantern.”[xxxiv] Famous examples include the Brown Mountain lights of North Carolina, where for more than one hundred years, “globes of various colored lights, ranging in size from mere points to 25 feet in diameter”[xxxv] have been seen rising above the tall trees. Also, there is the notorious Joplin “Hornet” Spook Light, which “has appeared seemingly as a ball of fire for almost 140 years”[xxxvi] at the intersection of Spooksville, Oklahoma, and Joplin, Missouri. A recently declassified official US Air Force document reveals that a Project Blue Book investigator observed the Spook Light for one and a half hours through binoculars. The report describes the orb as “four times the size of a basketball with bright white light” emitting a “red flame trailing” as it moved about silently.[xxxvii]

Third, some orbs might be earth lights. A similar portal is believed to be located on the Yakima Indian Reservation on the east side of the Cascade Mountains in southern Washington state. Some researchers, scientists, and geologists try to explain these orbs as a natural phenomenon known as earth lights:

There are similar areas around the world which are termed “windows” by Earthlight researchers with these fault line areas where UFO activity or “Earthlight activity” is very strong. Hessdalen Valley of Norway is a good example. I will not discount the Earthlight theory entirely because one must be open to all possibilities not just one when researching the unknown. There certainly exists evidence to suggest that there could indeed be some natural form of energy that releases itself in the form of balls of light or some kind of gases, however this in my opinion does not mean that all of the UFO activity at Yakima can be explained away as earthlights.[xxxviii]

According to Greg Long, author of Examining the Earthlight Theory, “The majority of the UFO sightings mentioned by Long involved ball-shaped nocturnal lights. Frequently, they were reddish orange and interacted with observers.”[xxxix] The description matches the orb we caught on video at the Bradshaw ranch. Long also reported strange humanoids, apparitions, and Bigfoot sightings. Astrophysicist Hugh Ross—a Christian scholar at Reasons to Believe—concurs with Jacques Vallee’s writing, saying, “Written records of ancient sightings dating back at least three thousand years document the same highly luminous balls and multicolored disks, breaking up and coming together, darting around at velocities and accelerations that defy the laws of physics.”[xl] Whatever they turn out to be, it seems such orbs have always been seen.

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