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MARCHING TOWARD RAGNAROK… Satanists, Witches, And Warlocks Attack Christians With ‘Guttural Growls,’ ‘Demonic Curses’

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A cadre of witches, Satanists, and devil worshippers have crept out of the darkness to display their rage over the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade. Some of these evil activists have been summoning demonic forces, engaging in spiritual attacks and verbal assaults against pro-life advocates and Christians outside of the High Court as they have prayed for peace for the nation. Mat Staver, founder and chairman of the Liberty Counsel, a non-profit Christian religious rights law firm, said the witch-like protesters attempted to scare members from his D.C. office as they held a prayer vigil outside the Supreme Court. “Black-robed men and women began arriving on the scene, screaming obscenities over the prayers,” Staver said. “A pro-abortion demonstrator brought a wagon carrying a large boom box blaring satanic ‘music’ and noise. A woman walked right up to our podium and stood next to the pro-life speaker.” Staver continued, “Every time the pro-lifer spoke, the woman would scream unmentionable curses into a megaphone pointed at the podium microphone. The pro-abortion crowd began cursing the Justices, the people praying, and vehemently cursing God…(READ MORE)

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