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AS RAGNAROK-APOPHIS RACES TOWARD OUR PLANET… More Every Day, These Look Like The Times Described In The Bible

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More every day, these look like the times described in the Bible as happening just before the second coming of Jesus Christ. In biblical terms, the seven years preceding Christ’s return are known as Daniel’s 70th week. But most Christians refer to those years as simply “the tribulation.” The Bible teaches that several things must happen before the tribulation begins. We know a great deal about what will happen in the tribulation and what the world will look like in those days. Even though we are not in the tribulation, we see the world looking more and more like it will during that time. From here, it can happen with exceeding speed. The tribulation will be a time of judgments upon the earth. Those judgements will begin with the famous “four horsemen of the apocalypse… (READ MORE)

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