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Child Rape & Satanic ’Seances’ Among Accusations Surrounding Occult Group Charged In SILENT CRY Sex Ring

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A group of adults have been arrested after committing sinister and sadistic crimes against children for a decade. The gruesome facts that were presented to the court are as follows:

  • One of the girls was forced into a microwave in an attempted act of murder on the part of her abusers. She was also held in a refrigerator and an oven.
  • Animals were killed, and satanic “seances” were performed.
  • Cloaks and devil horns were worn by the eleven-person group of seven men and four women during some of the acts of abuse.
  • An Ouija board was used to call on spirits and demons, which was a feature of the ring’s activities.
  • All of the children were forced to take part in satanic “seances” that involved the killing of animals, including dogs.
  • All three of the children were raped at different times, while the group “clap, clear and verbally encourage”.
  • A ten-year-old girl was filmed being sexually assaulted.
  • A young boy allegedly was made to… (READ MORE)

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