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COMING OF ANTICHRIST—PART 2: Repeating The Lebensborn Program

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“Aryanization,” or “Germinization,” was put into effect to see to it that all vestiges of impure racial characteristics were erased from the Reich. Heinrich Himmler ordered that children be taken away from parents to make Germanization work. SS families adopted children stolen from homes throughout territories occupied by Third Reich forces.

Parents never saw their children again in most cases of the kidnappings. Nazification was so brutal and complete that Reich enforcers would ruthlessly murder anyone who didn’t conform to the Aryan master race model. Even children who didn’t have the physical, Aryan characteristics were subject to removal from occupied territories and placed in camps where most eventually died.

Later, Himmler set up the Nazi Lebensborn program, a breeding scheme to further Aryanize the Third Reich. That program was created and put into force to bring about a super race of Germanized children through breeding, kidnapping, and even murder.

Considering the ghastly evil the Third Reich perpetrated against the Jews in particular, the Lebensborn program has not been as vilified or even scrutinized like other Nazi atrocities. The public in general has paid little attention. This is, perhaps, because it seems by comparison to the ghettos, gas chambers, and crematoriums to be a sort of an effort to do something positive rather than heinously evil. Nonetheless, the program to bring about a master race violated every principle of humanity as well as morality at its most basic level.

While other Nazi policies aimed at rounding up and murdering people Hitler, Himmler, Goering, Goebbels, and the rest thought of as subhuman in need of extermination, Lebensborn was meant to repopulate society with the very best that genetic manipulation could produce—a nation full of racially pure Aryan children. Therefore, the program seemed almost innocuous.

Himmler, in 1935, started a campaign, through propaganda masterfully orchestrated by Josef Goebbels, to invite any unwed mother who fit the racial profile to give birth inside a Lebensborn home. The effort was to be something that would fly in the face of previous German moral comportment. No longer was having a child out of wedlock to be considered a source of shame. Rather, the Third Reich would celebrate the birth of any Aryan child, regardless of the parents’ marital status.

Himmler promised any pregnant woman who met the racial purity qualifications that she would be brought to a Lebensborn facility in a confidential way and offered the very best care. She would be returned home after the birth of her child.

Any girl unable to care for the child would be assisted in finding a suitable Aryan family that would adopt.

The policy’s generosity wasn’t without its limits. The woman who was to produce a baby for the master race was expected to meet uncompromising standards. She must be racially pure, no matter what her social or other standing might be. Her acceptance and assistance of the Nazi state was strictly based upon genealogy. Only proof of paternity and a racially pure family tree dating back three generations gained her access. The result was an acceptance rate that hovered around 40 percent.

But even the Lebensborn Program couldn’t meet the Nazis’ demands to create the master race in the time frame they wished. So Himmler took the program much further. He ordered the arrangement of secret conjugal visits between willing young women and SS soldiers with Aryan traits. The aim was to create more babies for the Nazi party—with no offer of marriage on the table.

The Nazis destroyed almost all of the documents on the Lebensborn program as the Allied forces neared victory, leaving an estimated 200,000 victims separated from their families. Some made it home, but others couldn’t remember enough of their families to find their way back.

Still others remained convinced their original families didn’t want them and believed the retraining; they saw themselves as German citizens, for better or for worse.

The most famous child of the Lebensborn program is Norwegian ABBA singer Anni-Frid Lyngstad, who was fathered by a German sergeant. Her widowed mother escaped after the war and took her daughter to Sweden, where the government accepted several hundred refugee children and saved them from persecution.

Many parents chose not to tell their children about their heritage and the Lebensborn program, inventing better stories and fictional fathers for their young ones to believe in.

And some are still in the dark about their heritage to this day, unaware of the part that Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler would have had them play in their quest to build a master race that would rule for a thousand years—the ultimate goal of Lebensborn.[i]

The beginning of World War II brought on unrestrained institution of the Final Solution—the demonically inspired plan to murder every person of the Jewish race the Nazis could locate and eliminate.

All the while the matter of racial purity was being dealt with, the Final Solution was in full rage. Ghettos were established in occupied areas. The Jewish people of Poland were the first and most notable to suffer being sealed up in these brutally controlled inner-city areas. Not only Polish citizens, but western European Jews as well, were deported to the ghettos.

The Nazi forces began killing Jews in massive numbers during the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. Mobile killing squads (Einsatzgruppen) began massacring entire Jewish communities.

At first, the killing was accomplished through shooting or gassing in makeshift ways using mobile vans. Soon, however, those assigned the task of murder were suffering psychological ill effects. Thus, this method was considered inconvenient and inadequate for eliminating the massive numbers Hitler, Himmler, and the rest desired in order to carry out the Final Solution.

Hitler himself, having observed the protests of much of the German population over growing brutalization by the Nazi Party, never again put his personal signature to any document authorizing such heinous activity. He wanted to appear to have nothing to do with the mass murdering to come.

The Nazis began the systematic deportation of Jews to accomplish greater killing capacity after the Wannsee Conference in January 1942.

The term “Final Solution of the Jewish Question” was a euphemism used by Nazi Germany’s leaders. It referred to the mass murder of Europe’s Jews. It brought an end to policies aimed at encouraging or forcing Jews to leave the German Reich and other parts of Europe. Those policies were replaced by systematic annihilation.

Key Facts

    1. It is unclear when exactly Hitler decided to murder Europe’s Jews. The decision was probably made sometime in 1941, with the invasion of the Soviet Union.
    2. On January 20, 1942, Reinhard Heydrich, the chief of Germany’s Security Police, held a secret meeting known as the Wannsee Conference. Leading police and civilian officials discussed the continuing implementation of the “Final Solution.”
    3. The Nazi leaders envisioned killing 11 million Jews as part of the “Final Solution.” They succeeded in murdering 6 million.[ii]

Jews were moved from all over Europe to various extermination camps established in territory formerly belonging to Poland. Names like Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, Auschwitz-Birkenau, and Majdanek were to become the infamous death camps of the Third Reich. These were killing centers designed to carry out genocide. It is estimated that about three million Jews were gassed in extermination camps.

The Final Solution, in the ultimate accounting, resulted, as stated above, in the deaths of about six million Jews—two-thirds of European Jewry. The ghastly evil was accomplished through gassings, shootings, random acts of terror and violence, disease, and starvation.



Nazi brutality proved beyond any shadow of doubt that the evil prevalent in the times of Genghis Khan continued to rage into the twentieth century. With firearms available, the murderous Third Reich killing machine was many times more lethal to humanity than the primitive weapons wielded by Khan’s butchers.

And even the guns and bullets could not satisfy the bloodlust. Heydrich, Himmler, and their master, Adolf Hitler, determined that the process of murdering Jews and other undesirables by shooting them was inadequate to their ambitious plan for the Final Solution. The method evolved from herding a few victims into the wooded areas, forcing them to kneel, then shooting them in the back of their heads. But even this wasn’t taking care of their intended purpose quickly enough. So, Nazi troops would have workforce prisoners from death camps dig long trenches. They also had the victims, themselves, dig their own trench graves. The doomed people would be told to turn and face the deep ditches, then were shot in the back of the head. They fell dead into the ditches.

This still wasn’t efficient enough for the murderous upper echelon of the Nazi regime. So, next, they contrived what was known as “sardine packing.” Victims would be forced to prostrate themselves face down in the trenches. They would then be shot. Then another group would be forced to lie atop the first layer of corpses. They, too, were shot. This went on until the trench was filled. Dozers then moved gigantic mounds of earth back into the mass grave and the horrific deed was complete.

However, this method was soon seen as inefficient as well. It cost too much in terms of ammunition. Plus, in many cases, the soldiers charged with the ghastly executions suffered from psychological breakdowns. Even the chief architect of the evil, Heinrich Himmler, upon witnessing one of the executions, became so ill when a bit of brain matter splashed on him that he had to be carried out in an almost-passed-out state from the site.


This “inefficiency” brought to the fore an even more dreadful process of carrying out the Final Solution. “Killing centers,” as they were known, were placed throughout occupied Europe to carry out the assembly-line murder of Jews and other “undesirables.” Prisoners who weren’t immediately chosen for being put to death were forced into the grisly task of helping with the executions and their aftermath. They had to clean up after the blood-letting and dispose of bodies, knowing their own numbers were soon to come up for extinction. They were worked until the lack of nourishment and endless hours of torturous, physical labor made them no longer useful. They then became fodder for elimination.

Concentration camps were, for the most part, used to house those who were part of the forced labor and for a few, selected, prisoners to be murdered in small groups. The killing centers served exclusively as murder factories. German SS and police murdered nearly 2.7 million Jews in the killing centers either by asphyxiation with poison gas or by shooting.

While Third Reich authorities overseeing the death camps often lived in luxuriously appointed homes surrounding the centers, their victims were killed by people manning trucks, in which the exhaust pipes had been reconfigured to pump carbon monoxide gas into sealed, paneled spaces behind the cabs of the vehicles. So the genocidal methodology continued to evolve toward meeting the Führer’s goals. The bodies were driven into a nearby forest, where mass graves had been dug.

Still, the rate of the extermination of the Jews was not sufficient to satisfy the goals demanded by those charged to implement the Final Solution. The next method developed was to become known as “Operation Reinhard,” named after Reinhard Heydrich, one of the most feared of all the Nazi overlords. This became thought of as the deadliest phase of the Holocaust. Extermination camps became the center of the murderous campaign. Two million or more Jews and others marked for elimination were sent to the camps that were constructed in various locations. Belzec, Sobibór, and Treblinka housed specially built facilities for the gassing of those sent by train cattle cars filled so tightly with humanity that some suffocated before reaching the killing chambers.

At the Majdanek concentration camp, meanwhile, Zyclon B, a highly lethal gas derived from powerful insecticides, was developed to increase the extermination chambers’ killing capacity. This and other gases were used in the gas chambers at AuschwitzII -Birkenau.

In previous killing centers, prisoner laborers had been forced to exhume many of those buried in the trenches and burn the bodies in ovens that also were trenches made useable by train rails, thus to hide their murders. The Nazis now created new, more efficient ways of dealing with corpses: They constructed large crematoriums for the thousands upon thousands of bodies of Jews that were shipped to these edifices of horror.

The prisoners were taken to the killing sites after assuring them it was just to relocate them. This was a ploy to spare the Nazis unnecessary problems, as they at first tried not to unleash panic within the ranks of the condemned. They told their victims that the deportations were “resettlement actions.”

The deception worked for a time. In the city of Warsaw, thousands lined up to be transported in the “resettlement.” Even in the crowded boxcars that caused the deaths of up to 20 percent of those packed in, there still was the hope among those being so treated that the Germans’ intentions were genuinely to resettle them in a place they could live.

When the prisoners arrived at their final destination, they were made to leave their luggage after stepping onto the unloading area. They were then marched to the “cleaning area” and were instructed to hand over all valuables for safekeeping.


A part of the deception included signs and supposed medical personnel directing the people to disinfectant areas. Once in the appropriate facilities, the prisoners were made to completely undress. They were told they would have showers and that they must hurry, else the water would get cold. The men and boys were shuttled into one area and the women and girls into another. The Jewish victims who resisted out of fear or resentment of such indignities were brutally beaten to speed up them up and complete the genocidal process.

The guards used whips, wooden rods, or rifle butts to force the final move of the victims into the gas chambers. To avoid the sharp blows against their naked flesh, the prisoners would quickly comply. Once in the chambers, they were forced to crowd together until they couldn’t move. and then the doors were shut.

While these were being “processed,” the old and infirmed who had managed to survive the cramped cattle cars were handled in another way. They were herded to a fake infirmary named the Lazarett, which had a large mass grave behind it, and were killed by a bullet in the neck while the rest were being forced into the gas chambers.

With the doors to the chambers sealed, operators dropped Zyklon B or other gas-producing objects into the appropriate places and the toxic gas did its job. The groans, according to later reports at the Nuremberg trials, were horrendous. The noises of agony and dying went on until all sounds stopped.

The chambers were then completely vented of gas so prisoners kept alive in the extermination camps could go in and remove the many bodies of men, women, and children. Testimonies given at the trials reported that the naked bodies in every opening of the death chambers were in a pyramid, with some victims having clawed up the pile of humanity, reaching for a place they could breathe.

Following their genocidal work, the Operation Reinhard camps were dismantled. Auschwitz-Birkenau, however, was kept as a concentration camp for forced laborers after the November 1944 destruction of the gas chambers. Prior to the liberation of the camp by units of the Soviet Army on January 27, 1945, most of the prisoners had been evacuated by foot or on trains.

The murderous rampage of Adolf Hitler included much more, of course, than just the murder of two-thirds of the world’s Jewish people. World War II, which he started with the attack on Poland in 1939, brought death to many millions, the number of which is still debated.

Although the German Führer is considered the most hated of all tyrants, there are those who have murdered even more. And their satanic evil can be looked at as even more heinous, if considering numbers of those they murdered.

Soviet Union tyrant Josef Stalin is thought to have been responsible for the murders of as many as forty million people. Chinese dictator Mao tse-Tung is believed to had massacred as many as sixty million.

The thing that makes these perhaps even worse than Adolf Hitler and the Nazis is the fact that the victims of Stalin and Mao consisted mostly of their own people. Stalin’s purges and Mao’s cultural revolution brutalized their own citizenry in ways that Hitler would have no doubt admired.

Again, it is good to remember the words of wise observers of the human condition and the way history has a way of repeating. “Those who do not know history’s mistakes are doomed to repeat them,” said Edmund Burke. Lest we think that evil men have changed in their capability to perpetrate horrendous atrocities against their fellow man, we should heed Santayana and Burke’s words. If we forget that the thought to inflict evil intentions on others resides within the human, sin-blackened mind, we’ll eventually suffer consequences of that forgetfulness.

Absolute control of all of humankind was in the mind of the first rebel, Lucifer. Man has, through that being’s seduction, been infected with evil that has potential to afflict others with brutality exactly like that demonstrated by Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and every other death-dealing tyrant of history. To forget this lesson of the evil that lurks within the human mind and heart is to invite would-be dictators of the future to take our liberties and even our lives.

But mankind—most of us—either has forgotten the admonition of those like Santayana, Burke, and Kissinger, or we’re simply too busy going about life’s daily movement to pay attention.

Throughout the four years since 2016, we have witnessed the hate-filled actions and activities of a cabal of those who have sought to overthrow a duly-elected president. By this ongoing attempted anti-constitutional activity, they exhibit the same dark desire to take away liberty—to control the American electorate. They, it is abundantly clear, won’t stop until they have the power to themselves they believe they, alone, should have over the rest of us.

All that we have witnessed by this deep-state, globalist-elite attempt at accomplishing their silent coup d’état is but a precursor of things to come. One is coming who will make Adolf Hitler and his henchmen look like Cub Scouts. He will make Josef Stalin, Mao tse-Tung, and all tyrants of history seem like choirboys. The result of this one’s reign over most of planet earth will be the death of as much as three-fourths of humanity.

Jesus Christ—the greatest of all prophets, because He is God, Himself—said about the time of this wicked person’s rule on earth:

For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened. (Matthew 24:21–22)

It’s terrifying to consider that a time is coming that will be worse than any ever experienced to this point in history! But Jesus says just such a time is scheduled in earth’s storm-cloud-obscured future.

There are men right at this moment, while you’re reading this, who would enslave you in order to bring about their idea of Utopia. And there will be a man who will succeed in doing just that, if you’re living upon the planet during that horrendous time. The Bible calls this man by several names. “Antichrist” is the one most often used, as in the title of this volume. He’ll have his own Final Solution in dealing with bringing his satanically controlled regime into being.

He is a “beast,” according to God’s Word. That is, he will have a beastly nature—like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and the others. But Antichrist will be much, much more powerful, more deadly than they were.

He will have his own version of Hitler’s propaganda minister Josef Goebbels. This False Prophet is called the “second beast.” He will force everyone to worship the image of Antichrist:

And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. (Revelation 13:15)

We can see, as we look around the geopolitical, socioeconomic, and religious landscape of the hour, the stage being set for the rise of Antichrist. His Final Solution is being prepared even now for all those who inhabit this earthly sphere when he steps upon the stage to rule during the final years of earth’s history leading up to Christ’s Second Advent.

This book, we prayerfully hope, will convince you that you don’t want to be part of Antichrist’s Final Solution.

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