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In Last 6 Months Alone, A Staggering Number Of K-12 Educators Have Been Charged With SILENT CRY Child Sex Crimes—Ranging From Child Pornography To Outright Raping Of Students

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At least 181 K-12 educators, including four principals, were arrested on child sex-related crimes in the U.S. in the first six months of 2022, ranging from child pornography to raping students. An analysis conducted by Fox News Digital looked at local news stories week by week featuring arrests of principals, teachers, substitute teachers and teachers’ aides on child sex-related crimes in school districts across the country. Arrests that weren’t publicized were not counted in the analysis, meaning the true number may well be higher. The analysis found that at least 181 have been arrested between January 1 and June 30, which works out to exactly an arrest a day on average. The 181 educators included four principals, 153 teachers, 12 teachers’ aides and 12 substitute teachers…(READ MORE)

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