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ZEITGEIST 2025 IS COMING… And Democratic Crises In Israel, UK, And The US Portend The Beast’s Rise

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What will it take for an authoritarian power known as the Beast to control the world? The answer is in one word: crises. Crises cause the fall of governments and the rise of new ones. They cause confusion, division, and the opportunity for extremist factions to take power. And the Bible tells us exactly what these crises will be. Revelation 6 details these crises and shows how heaven will initiate these events through the four horsemen. These crises will manifest through false christs (kings and priests), war, social upheaval, and the deadly trio of famine, pestilence, and violence. The crises will uproot governments, cause division, dissatisfaction, and dissension among the people, and bring calls for earthly salvation. But a liar will answer the calls; one who will promise relief, but demand power, obedience, and praise. Democracies/republics stand as an obstacle to such authoritarian rule. The freedom of the people to elect their representatives is a powerful counterbalance to the consolidation of power. Authoritarians hate these freedoms. So when we see governmental crises spreading in long-established democracies today, we must take note. These democracies must lose power to lead the way for the Beast to rise…(READ MORE)

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