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THE FINAL NEPHILIM–PART 25: Patterns, Portals, and 3, 6, 9 (Part 1)

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I created the Event Horizon to reach the stars, but she’s gone much, much farther than that. She tore a hole in our universe, a gateway to another dimension. A dimension of pure chaos. Pure…evil. When she crossed over, she was just a ship. But when she came back…she was alive! Look at her, Miller. Isn’t she beautiful?—Dr. Weir to Dr. Miller in the film Event Horizon

The thing’s hollow! It goes on forever, and…oh My God, it’s full of stars!—Arthur C. Clarke, 2001: A Space Odyssey

“The gates of Hell are open night and day; smooth the descent, and easy is the way: but, to return, and view the cheerful skies; in this, the task and mighty labor lies.—Virgil, The Aeneid

If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.—Nikola Tesla

You know, I will never be called a “mind reader” by anyone, but even I can predict with a strong degree of accuracy that at this moment, as you read this, the theory of “vortex-based mathematics” is probably not on your mind—but it should be. As we’ve researched mythologies, symbols, artwork, biblical references, and even fictional representations of wormholes and stargates, I have sought to bring you the secrets about parallel dimensions and the multiverse, and how—beginning in the late nineteenth century—scientists began to unlock the mysteries of the atom, and with them, the Pandora’s Box of quantum physics.

Nikola Tesla, a pioneer whose work has been stolen, copied, lauded, and sometimes praised since his death, is quoted as saying that the numbers 3, 6, and 9 hold the key to the universe. Recently, a science maverick named Marco Rodin delivered a curious talk at Charlotte, West Virginia’s, TEDx conference. If you’ve not heard of the TED talks, allow me to spend a paragraph or so explaining the history behind this collective of technology movers and shakers.

The friendly little acronym TED stands for “technology, entertainment, and design.” It is the brainchild of graphic designer Richard Saul Wurman, who saw early on that the three disciplines had begun to converge into a massive new form of medium. Not surprisingly, the kickoff conference occurred in 1984, the year the Apple Macintosh burst onto the world stage with its now-famous Super Bowl commercial that portrayed IBM as a type of Big Brother. Ironically, Apple and its hand-held enterprise collect vast amounts of data for the massive though “hidden” Big Brother artificial intelligence (AI) growing inside the Internet—but that’s a topic for another series and another day.

TED has been hailed as innovative but criticized as being a closed club for rich insiders. One cannot simply contact TED and ask to be placed on the roster of presenters. Let’s just say, I will never make its list. Here’s how Sarah Lacy, a former “insider” who found herself suddenly delisted, explained it:

Business conferences have good reasons to be elitist; deals are getting done and high-level conversations need to be private sometimes.

But when credentials are revoked at the last minute based purely on the whim of a more important member of the TED community, the inner workings are just too much like a country club for an organization whose stellar content is all about pluralism and uplift. It’s the Sarah Silverman incident all over again. Oh you made one of the more important people feel uncomfortable? Then you’re out of here.[i]

If you watch a lot of these talks, you’ll soon notice a pattern. Global agendas like overpopulation, animal rights, transhumanism, singularity, meditation, climate change, and augmented thinking are but a few of their topics. Attendees pay tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege to “be seen” and “see,” and speakers must adhere to those of the Sapling Foundation, the event’s parent company and organizer.

Now that you have that reference in your back pocket, let’s return to Marco Rodin. His presentation at TEDx brought a new way of thinking about numbers and the universe—and even quantum physics—to the forefront. Rodin’s theory rests upon the mysterious number 9. Here’s an excerpt from one of Rodin’s newsletters:

The last number left to be explained from The Mathematical Fingerprint Of God is the number 9. The number nine is Energy being manifested in a single moment event of occurrence in our physical world of creation. It is unique because it is the focal center by being the only number identifying with the vertical upright axis. It is the singularity or the Primal Point of Unity. The number nine never changes and is linear. For example all multiples of 9 equal 9. 9 x 1 = 9, 9 x 2 = 18, but 1 + 8 = 9, 9 x 3 = 27, but 2 + 7 = 9. This is because it is emanating in a straight line from the center of mass out of the nucleus of every atom, and from out of the singularity of a black hole. It is complete, revealing perfection, and has no parity because it always equals itself. The number nine is the missing particle in the universe known as Dark Matter.[ii]

Rodin asserts that bisecting a circle (360 degrees, which reduces to the number 9) gives an infinite number of hidden 9s, leading to an ultimate singularity. Bisect it once and you get two 180-degree angles, with each one reducing to 9. Quarter sections give four 45-degree angles, each one reducing to 9, and so on ad infinitum. Rodin calls this an internal progression. Inserting polygons into a circle yields another set of 9s. A pyramid within the circle gives you three 60-degree angles; 6 x 3 = 18, which reduces to 9. A square gives four 90-degree angles; 4 x 9=36, reducing to 9, and so on—a progression he calls a “vacuum.” The Singularity and the Vacuum. Rodin calls this an external progression, and the two combined—he claims—form the secret fingerprint of God in the form of a torsion field. A spiral. The angel in the whirlwind, one might say. According to Rodin, his work in this field has been praised by Microsoft senior researcher Russell Blake:

As Russell Blake, senior researcher from Microsoft, has said of Marko’s work, This fantastic coherence has existed since the beginning of time but has yet to be harnessed by mankind and the potential is truly mind-boggling! Not only is the Rodin Torus three dimensional, but actually fourth dimensional and higher![iii]

Is Rodin onto something? Has he discovered the “Philosopher’s Stone” of quantum mechanics and the secret to God’s Fingerprint, perhaps hinted at by Nikola Tesla? It’s quite possible that his mathematics unveil a mystery known to many ancient pagan religions, based upon esoteric knowledge given to Nimrod, which the world leader used to build a godgate.

As Dr. Michael Lake explained in his blockbuster book, The Shinar Directive [FREE IN COLLECTION HERE], Nimrod’s tower was much more than just a tall building:

Perhaps Nimrod was diligently laboring to create more than just an interdimensional landing pad; it is quite possible that he was building an ancient interdimensional portal generator. It is quite possible that the wrath of God came because mankind was “of one mind” to create a mechanism to storm heaven itself![iv]

Nimrod’s uncompleted work continues today, hidden within the lore of mystery religions and secret societies, and a day is coming when the portal generator may rev up anew. If Rodin is correct, then his presentation may have startled members of the elite TED group. Knowledge, when released too soon, can prove dangerous. Timing is everything, and the gateways and portals that exist in various places across the globe await the signal for the return of the “ancient gods” of Noah’s day.

So where are these portals? A quick Google search will bring up thousands of websites that list the presumed locations of the “gates to Hell” sometimes called “portals to other dimensions,” but a dozen or so recur on just about everyone’s list. We’ll begin with the one nearly every reader must have already blurted out (at least mentally).


The Bermuda Triangle

The coordinates of this curious section of the Atlantic Ocean are 25.0000 degrees North, 71.0000 degrees West, and the area forms an almost equilateral triangle with Bermuda, Puerto Rico, and the southern tip of Florida as the points. Records of strange occurrences reach back at least to when Christopher Columbus experienced the “compass variations” that are often reported even today. He wrote in his log:

Thursday 13 September 1492

On this day at the beginning of night the compasses northwested and in the morning they northeasted somewhat.

Monday September 17,

The pilots took the north, marking it [North Star], and found that the compasses northwested a full point [11 and one quarter degrees]; and the sailors were fearful and depressed and did not say why. The Admiral was aware of this and he ordered that the north again be marked when dawn came, and they found that the compasses were correct. The cause was that the North Star appears to move and not the compasses.

Sunday 23 September

Since the sea had been calm and smooth the men complained, saying that since in that region there were no rough seas [Sargasso Sea], it would never blow for a return to Spain. But later the sea rose high and without wind, which astonished them, because of which the Admiral says here that the high sea was very necessary for me, a sign which had not appeared except in the time of the Jews when they left Egypt and complained against Moses, who took them out of captivity.

Sunday, 30 September

Also the Admiral says here when night comes the compasses northwest one quarter, and when dawn comes they coincide with the North Star exactly.[v]

On October 11, Columbus and his men reported seeing an unexplained “light on the horizon.”

A chronological listing of the most well-known “disappearances” can be found online, which includes the Columbus event, plus:

1609 – The Sea Venture

1812 – Theodosia Burr Alston, the daughter of former United States Vice President Aaron Burr. She was a passenger on board ThePatriot, which sailed from Charleston, South Carolina to New York City on December 30, 1812, and was never heard of again.

1814 – The USS Epervier and her crew disappeared while carrying the peace treaty to end the war between America and the North African Barbary States.

1872 – Mary Celeste

1881 – The Ellen Austin on its voyage in 1881 came across another ship that was sailing without a single soul on board. Ellen Austin transferred some of its crew onto the other ship and attempted to sail with it to New York. The other ship suddenly disappeared. Later it re-appeared, but again without a person on board. Then it again disappeared without trace.

1918 – USS Cyclops: This navy ship disappearance resulted in the single largest loss of life in the history of the US Navy. It went missing without a trace with a crew of 309, sometime after March 4th 1918 and after departing the island of Barbados.

1941 – The USS Proteus and the USS Nereus vanished, just as their sister ship the USS Cyclops previously did along the same route.

 1945 – Flight 19: They were training aircrafts of TBM Avenger bombers of US Navy that went missing on Dec 5, 1945 while flying over the Atlantic. Adding to the mystery, two rescue Martin Mariner aircraft with 13-man crew were sent to search for the missing flights. But one of the Martin Mariners itself did not return and was never traced again.

1945 – PBM Martin Mariner: Two Martin Mariner planes were sent on the 5th of December 1945 to search for the Flight-19. One did not return. Find out the full story.

1948 – Tudor Star Tiger: A Tudor Mark IV aircraft disappeared in Bermuda Triangle shortly before it was to land in Bermuda airport in January 1948.

1948 – Fight DC-3 Disappearance: The flight Douglas DC-3 NC16002 disappeared in Bermuda Triangle when it was only 50 miles south of Florida and about to land in Miami on December 28, 1948.

1954 – Flight 441 Disappearance: The flight 441, a Super Constellation Naval Airliner, disappeared in Bermuda Triangle on October 30, 1954

1963 – Marine Sulphur Queen: This 524-foot carrier of molten sulphur started sail Feb 2, 1963 from Beaumont, Texas with 39 crew. It was reported lost in Florida Straits on Feb 4.

1967 – Witchcraft: A 23-foot cabin cruiser went missing for ever in Bermuda Triangle area on the night of December 22, 1967. The owner took it offshore only to watch the lights of Miami shoreline.

1968 – USS Scorpion: (SSN-589) a Nuclear powered submarine of United States Navy that disappeared in Bermuda Triangle in May 1968.

1971 – Sting-27, a USAF Phantom jet, vanished completely without a trace. Official reports indicated it may have suffered an impact, but the details were never revealed.

1976 – The Sylvia L. Ossa, a 590-foot ore carrier with a crew of 37 disappeared 140 miles from Bermuda.

1991 – The pilot of a Grumman Cougar jet made a routine radio request to increase altitude. While ascending, the aircraft gradually faded from radar and vanished.

1999 – The cargo freighter Genesis sent a radio signal to a nearby vessel, indicating a problem with the bilge pump. Despite extensive searches by the Coast Guard, the ship and crew were never seen or heard from again.

2003 – A newly married couple Frank and Romina Leone went for fishing on their brand new 16-foot boat on June 18, 2003. They left from the Boynton beach inlet in Florida but never returned. The US Coast Guard eventually gave up the search & rescue operation after having combed a large part of the sea area for several days.

2005 & 2007 – On two separate incidents, two Piper-PA planes disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle area. One on June 20, 2005 between Treasure Cay island of Bahamas and Fort Pierce of Florida. There were three persons on board. The second incident took place on April 10, 2007 near Berry Island. Only the pilot was on board and no passengers.

2008 – A Britten-Norman Islander (also known as 3-engine Trislander) took off from Santiago for New York on December 15, 2008 at around 3:30pm with 12 persons on board. After about 35 minutes from take-off, the aircraft fell off the radar. A massive search operation was launched by US Coast Guards, but the aircraft was never traced again. Its last known location was about 4 miles west of West Caicos Island. No debris has been found until now.[vi] (emphasis added)

Opposite the Bermuda Triangle, in the Devil’s Sea, is an area known as the Dragon’s Triangle. Its history runs parallel to that of its antipodal sister, including long lists of missing fishing vessels, airplanes, and even the crew of USAF C-97, who disappeared on March 22, 1957. Recently, however the Dragon’s Triangle popped up again recently when Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared from radar. An article published online at,[vii] hints that this mysterious region might be to blame for the tragedy. Certainly, authorities and rescue pilots in the weeks following the plane’s disappearance seemed to have little to no idea exactly where the airliner may have traveled during its time off radar, but it had apparently strayed off course prior to its presumed crash. No debris has been found as of this date.

UP NEXT: Mysteries, Mountains, and Gateways (Patterns, Portals, and 3, 6, 9 — Part 2)

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