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THE FINAL NEPHILIM–PART 27: X Marks the Spot Where Gateways Are Reportedly Located

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England is replete with henges, standing stones, and tales of gnomes, faeries, and giants. When mentioned, most spiral hunters look to Stonehenge for inspiration, and it’s more than possible that the stones were set in place to “mark” the occurrence of a gateway opened either spontaneously or intentionally. However, the Settle Sundial is an ancient site often missed by those who compile the major portal lists. Located in Settle, North Yorkshire, in England, the hillside known as Castleberg Rock, now covered with seventeenth-century trees, is, according to paranormal researcher Nigel Mortimer, the location of a circle of standing stones. Mortimer is convinced that up until 1779, a ring of “rude” standing stones formed a now concealed and obscured “portal.” Like many of his colleagues, Mortimer believes that—rather than the stones creating a portal—the formations were erected to “mark” portals linked to that location on earth. This belief is consistent with the theory of “ley lines” made famous by Alfred Watkins in in his books Early British Trackways and The Old Straight Track. Watkins believed these were Roman trade routes.

Today, ley lines are used to describe a matrix of geometric lines across the face of the earth that indicate geomagnetic anomalies like the Marysburgh Vortex located in Lake Ontario. Some one hundred vessels have “disappeared” within the borders of this vortex. According to Dr. Richard Lefors Clark:

The Canadian National Research Council and U.S. Navy began Project Magnet in 1950 to investigate the area’s magnetic anomalies and possible magnetic utility. This has been the only known official governmental research program into the Earth Grid system. A considerable number of planes and ships had mysteriously vanished from this region, while many UFO sightings were reported, and other bizarre and unearthly phenomena were noted.[i]

Proponents of the “ley line” paradigm assert that invisible connections intersect and form gateways into another dimension, realm, or perhaps even Hell itself. Many of these portals are associated with water, like St. Ann’s Well mentioned above, the various water-based “triangles” like the Bermuda and Dragon’s Triangles. But recently, everyone who follows the Internet news found themselves staring at an anomaly that baffled scientists: the Norway Spiral.

On December 9, 2009, one night before President Obama, the leader of the “free world,” was to receive his Nobel Peace Prize (a much-debated accolade, made all the more ironic by President Obama’s massive anti-terror operations throughout the Middle East and North Africa), a gigantic spiral appeared in the skies over Norway, the site of the awards ceremony. Forming just above the city of Tromso, romantically called the “Paris of the North.”[ii] The phenomenon began as a twisting spiral of light that shone into the sky from a point near Tromso. Over a matter of minutes, this beam of light expanded in the inky black sky as a massive and expanding spiral that appeared to rotate clockwise. The center point of this spiral was white, but shortly turned dark, taking on the appearance of an expanding “black hole.” Now, here’s what most do not know about this spectacular mystery. According to well-known paranormal researcher Richard C. Hoagland:

Is it another “coincidence” that, just over the hill from Tromso, lies a high-tech Norwegian “HAARP antenna farm”—the EISCAT Ramfjordmoen facility (below)—specifically designed to broadcast powerful beams of microwave energy high into space…thereby also creating blatant HD/torsion side-effects in the Earth’s highly-electrified upper “plasma” atmosphere (ionosphere)? The facility is officially supported by Norway, Sweden, Finland, Japan…China…the United Kingdom…and Germany.[iii]

Thanks to the instantaneous nature of the World Wide Web, within minutes of the event, new sources, bloggers, and social media lit up with reports, theories, pictures, and even videos. There was no denying this one. The entire world saw it! Due to its conjunction with President Obama’s scheduled acceptance of the Nobel Prize, prophecy scholars and even the Christian Science Monitor began to connect the sky portal with some cosmic approval or prophetic significance. The CS Monitor’s article[iv] on October 10, 2009, asked whether “Space aliens” were “welcoming Obama”!

Theories began to populate the Internet within minutes. One blogger noted that the spiral appeared precisely 1,260 days before May 22, 2013, and thereby predicted a cosmic event to come. Others claimed the phenomenon fulfilled a Fatima prophecy, this being the “second prophecy,” which states, “when you shall see a night illuminated by an unknown light, know that it is the great sign that God gives you that He is going to punish the world for its crimes by means of war, of hunger, and of persecution of the Church and of the Holy Father.”[v]

Was the Norway Spiral created by a Russian missile? Some claim it was, though Russia denies conducting any tests that night. Is Hoagland’s theory that a HAARP installation created it feasible? Hoagland is a scientist and theorist, therefore, his statement may be correct. Is it possible that either a HAARP installation or even CERN’s underground collisions created this portal, an opening or gateway with the intention of “inviting” entities into our world? Perhaps not coincidentally, beginning just after the Norway portal’s opening, Scandinavians and soon people throughout the world reported strange sounds emanating from the heavens.[vi]

Skeptics ask for scientific proof of the existence of portals and dimensional gateways. Perhaps the best known space agency in the world is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, NASA. It took a bit of sleuthing, but I managed to find a document on NASA’s own website discussing the topic. Here’s an excerpt:

A favorite theme of science fiction is “the portal”—an extraordinary opening in space or time that connects travelers to distant realms. A good portal is a shortcut, a guide, a door into the unknown. If only they actually existed.…

It turns out that they do, sort of, and a NASA-funded researcher at the University of Iowa has figured out how to find them.

“We call them X-points or electron diffusion regions,” explains plasma physicist Jack Scudder of the University of Iowa. “They’re places where the magnetic field of Earth connects to the magnetic field of the Sun, creating an uninterrupted path leading from our own planet to the sun’s atmosphere 93 million miles away.”

Observations by NASA’s THEMIS spacecraft and Europe’s Cluster probes suggest that these magnetic portals open and close dozens of times each day.[vii] (emphasis added)

Now, let’s unpack the language NASA is using. It echoes much of the imagery found in statues, buildings, and all manner of architecture—even paintings!—throughout history and across the globe. Much of this imagery can be found in Freemasonic Lodges and in fountains, edifices, and interior designs constructed by Masonic members. One major hallmark of these symbols in brick and stone is that they echo what Nimrod tried to do—in stone and brick. Perhaps the Masonic semiotics tell a story—an ancient story. I trust that almost all reading this series know how a Masonic lodge floor is designed: as a black-and-white “checkerboard.” Around these floors, one often sees a rope motif, connected at the four corners of the floor with tassels. Within the center of the floor, you will often find the five-pointed star, many times inscribed within a circle. Most assume this represents the Eastern Star, but a YouTube blogger who calls himself “halfasheep’”[viii] has documented hundreds of symbols in Australia that link Masonic imagery to “sun wells.”

This takes us back to the last two entries, the mathematics of 3, 6, 9, which indicates that a subdivided circle will—when taken to infinity—reveal a hidden 9 and lead to a singularity or a vacuum. In the video game World of Warcraft, a sun well is a portal used by a “mage” to summon entities. The video blogger halfasheep contends that the floor “stars,” the “one surrounded by four” repetitions in stone and marble, the gargoyles, and the pillars (representing pillars of light, aka portals) are used by “‘the builders” to represent and perhaps even communicate with gateways to “the sun.”

The sun has been worshiped since the dawn of time, and many “riddles in stone,” as Chris Pinto would call them, are coded messages that call to the ancient “gods.” Jupiter, Zeus, Thor, Odin, Tonatiuh of the Aztecs, Taiyang Shen of China, Ra/Isis of Egypt, Solar Logos of Theosophy, and even Sol Invictus (the undefeated Sun) reflect an ages-old story of an entity that sought to rise into the heavens and become a god—Nimrod, the rebel builder who deigned to assault God’s throne by building a stargate. When the languages were confused at Babel, and the enslaved and entranced citizen builders scattered into the four corners of the globe, each group retold the story of Nimrod and of the pre-Flood Nephilim “gods” and fallen angels—but with their own new names, according to their new languages. Spirals in stone, sacred places like Stonehenge, the Sundial of Settle, the mounds of the Americas, even the massive pyramids and the very layout of our nation’s capital tell the story and whisper secrets into the void.

One final note before I close this entry: I’ve just learned about an “augmented reality” (AR) game called Ingress. AR uses a computer interface (generally a handheld phone but also a head-display like Google glass) to overlay “secret” information upon real world objects using GPS coordinates. Ingress defines itself as a “portal game.” The back story is this:

Physicists at CERN have discovered that the Earth has been seeded with “Exotic Matter,” or XM, associated with the Shapers, a mysterious phenomenon or alien race which is neither described nor seen (and which thus functions as a MacGuffin). The in-universe motivation for the Enlightened faction is their belief that the Shapers are working toward a powerful enlightenment which will uplift all mankind. The Resistance believes that it is protecting humanity from Shaper ingression. The factions have, however, been occasionally observed to ignore the back-story and to co-operate for the sake of real-life gameplay and game balance, for example by establishing neutral zones and rules of engagement.[ix](emphasis added)

When Nimrod and his minions attempted to open a portal, the Lord God Himself said that as they were “of one mind”—nothing would be impossible for them. With the Internet forming these players into “one mind,” this “game” becomes all too real! Of course, the “resistance” faction in the game represents you and me and all who oppose the nefarious plans of the new Nimrod and his Illuminati forces. How incredible that the makers of this game actually portray “Shaper” aliens as the good guys! The world has truly entered a dangerous time period.

The mystery religions and secret societies seek to open the old portals and welcome back the ancient gods. Only the perfect plans of Almighty God, foretold to us in the Bible, stand between mankind and the twisted plans of evil men and the hordes of Apollyon. Christians look to Him, not to spiritual powers and principalities, for protection. Jesus Christ is our Champion, King, and High Priest. He is our Savior, and no hidden hand of man or spirit can hold back His coming.


The World Grid, Megaliths, and the Axis Mundi Decision

The novel Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco revolves around an occult conspiracy theory concocted by three greedy book publishers. Their creation called “The Plan” is represented as a real conspiracy by secret societies to control the world. In physics, the Foucault pendulum is a simple device, named after the French physicist Léon Foucault that demonstrates the rotation of the earth. The book is divided into ten sections represented by the ten Sefiroth of Kabbalah. It is packed full of esoteric references to magic, alchemy, and conspiracy theory. In particular, Eco borrows heavily from a particular type of world grid theory, primarily popularized by ancient astronaut theorists, entailing that in the deep past there was a civilization like Atlantis and a global power grid supplying free, clean, earth energy.

A leading proponent of that version of world grid theory, David Hatcher Childress, explains, “Earth energy, organized into a precise web, was once, and can be again, the source of a free and inexhaustible supply of power, once empowering older civilizations of high technological achievement.”[x] However, the evidence for such a fantastic claim is less than persuasive, because it imposes a post enlightenment scientific worldview onto ancient people who were thinking much more in terms of ritual magic than the language of calculus, physics, and chemistry. Although it might indeed have a scientific basis, one should never presume a conventional analog to today’s concepts and technology like electricity. When ancient people conceived of a power center, it wasn’t like an electrical power-grid substation for their city’s neighborhoods and schools; it was magical energy for opening portals to the higher and lower realms to communicate with the immortals.

In simple terms, the world grid is a web-like division of the surface of the earth’s surface into a geometric model. In cartography, such a practice is necessary and assumes the longitude and latitude convention involving vertical and horizontal straight lines. The equator is set at 0 degrees latitude and the prime meridian is a line of longitude defined to be 0 degrees. This assignment places an axis mundi, or “world center,” arbitrarily in the Gulf of New Guinea off the west coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. While any Cartesian coordinate could be set as the axis mundi, some world grid theorists assert that ancient megaliths functioned in a similar way, often centering on the Great Pyramid at Giza.

In most spiritual traditions, the axis mundi—also called the umbilicus mundi (Latin: “the navel of the world”) and the “world pillar” or “world tree”—is the numinous center of the earth and a portal between the heavenly and underworld realms.[xi] In the Hebrew Bible, Bethel, the place where Jacob saw “the gate of heaven,” was for a time considered the center, but later moved with the Ark of the Covenant to the Temple in Jerusalem by divine decree. In Islam, the Al-Masjid al-Haram mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, is the axis mundi, and the umbilicus mundiis a very strange black meteorite housed within a bricked, granite cuboid structure called the Kaaba. In Catholicism, the Egyptian Obelisk in its plaza of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome, Italy, is the axis mundi, and it is designed to function as a spiritual center in a surprising, yet revealing, manner (more on that later).

In Eco’s novel, the axis mundi is the location from where one can control the telluric energies of the earth. Although telluric energy, or “earth current,” is an actual low-frequency electric current moving underground and through the sea, the novel takes this much farther by suggesting that monuments like the Eiffel Tower are giant antennae clandestinely designed to magnify and route these currents. While Eco makes sport of the idea, theorists like Childress and Joseph Farrell are serious. For example, Farrell asserts a vast global conspiracy to explain the appearance of megalithic structures.

Nobody sets out to build 50,000-plus pyramids and mounds around a planet just for the…want of something to do. History teaches that these primitive people were hunter-gatherers who spent their waking hours running down their next meals. If that’s true, then who built these monuments? These people didn’t have the time…these things were not built at the whims of medicine men. There was enormous global planning behind it all.[xii]

He jumps to a materialist conclusion by imposing modern thinking rather than a context-proper supernatural worldview. Of course, it wasn’t the whims of the priests and medicine men. After all, they told us that it was dictated to them by the immortals!

UP NEXT: Enoch’s Portals meets Sanderson’s Vile Vortices


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