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SETTING THE STAGE FOR ZEITGEIST 2025 AND THE SECRET DESTINY OF AMERICA: Biden’s Spending Is Reshaping America, Burying The U.S. Under Mountains Of Debt

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President Joe Biden is reportedly still haggling with Washington Democrats to revive some version of the legislative Frankenstein that is their $5-trillion Build Back Broke agenda through executive actions, spending more than half a trillion worth of tax dollars in the process. These executive actions have become so common place in the Biden administration — with 530 undertaken so far – and the implications for taxpayers so glaring, that I asked the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to determine the cost of Biden’s eight most expensive executive actions. The results are stunning: in just 16 months, Joe Biden has charged American taxpayers $532 billion — all with no input from the American people themselves or a vote by their elected representatives in Congress. What is worse, many of these executive actions are exacerbating some of the very crises American families are now dealing with. Other executive actions have been aimed at benefiting the wealthy base of the Democratic Party… (READ MORE)

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