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What Does It Mean in The Bible That Husbands Should Love Their Wives?

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There are three kinds of love typically mentioned in the Bible: eros (physical, sexual, romantic love), philos (friendship or warm affection), and agape (unconditional or sacrificial). The word Paul used in the original Greek here for “love” is agapaō, or agape love. Agape love is the kind of encompassing, self-sacrificing, unconditional love, that God had for us when, in His great compassion and mercy, He sent His only son to become flesh and die upon the cross as a sacrifice for our sake. It’s the same kind of love Christ showed when He chose to willingly allow Himself to endure torture, ridicule, and a painful public execution in our place to make a path for us to eternal life in heaven. That is the kind of love Paul is telling husbands to have for their wives. Husbands might also have eros or philos love for their wives, but they are to emphasize the agape — the Christlike — above all… (READ MORE)

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