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IT’S THE SECOND COMING OF THE NEW AGE… And People Are Flocking To Mexico To Commune With Ancient Demons That Required Human Sacrifice

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With restorative rituals, yoga retreats and psychedelic experiences, Mexico has become a magnet for spiritually minded tourists seeking an alternative vacation far from the troubles of the modern world. While many visitors head straight to the beach, a different type of tourist chooses the village of Tepoztlan, a haven for artists and intellectuals an hour’s drive from the capital. Some of its residents once came for a short stay and found it hard to leave. “I love the vibes here,” said Ania Bitiutskaia, a 31-year-old Russian living at the foot of the Tepozteco Mountain, the legendary birthplace of the Aztec feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl… (READ MORE)

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