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By Fred DeRuvo (excerpted from the bestselling book God’s Ghostbusters)

Thousands of years ago, during the time of the placid beauty of Earth’s early days, Adam and Eve enjoyed that peaceful time on Earth, not yet marred by sin. We do not know for how long they relaxed, worked, and played in the middle of God’s completed creative work, but we do know that at first, there was nothing to fear and nothing to run from in God’s Edenic wonder.

It was not long before another being walked into the same Garden of Eden, uninvited, with evil on his mind. Interestingly enough, this entity did not enter Eden showing himself as he was, but as he wanted to be seen, hiding his actual identity under the guise of a reptile. Perhaps his reasoning for appearing to Adam and Eve as a snake (as opposed to his true, physical form) was because of the familiarity they had with that species prior to his arrival. One can only wonder.

As the serpent walked[i] into Eden, he caught Eve’s attention. It was she that he decided to deceive, because he knew that if he could cause her to trust him first, it was likely that Adam would follow.

Within a short time, he had not only captured her attention, but her mortal sense of desire. He teased her with flights of fancy and the dream of becoming a god in her own right. According to the serpent, God was jealous of her and Adam and did not want them to eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, because it would turn them into gods who no longer needed the true God.

It was with this temptation that our first parents succumbed, through the deception of the serpent. Because of it, evil was introduced into the world, which became a fallen mass of untimely and eventual death. What had been created to the praise of God’s glory would now sink into a morass of sin, pain, suffering, and loss, stolen by a reptilian, who was alien to the environment God had created.

The most intriguing part of this entire set of events found in Genesis 1–3 is the fact that Satan (Lucifer from Isaiah 14 and Ezekiel 28), felt it necessary to clothe himself in a skin that was not his own. Why the need to hide? Why bury himself beneath the body of a serpent?

Genesis 3:14–15 tells us, “And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou [art] cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life; And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”

In the above verses, God is speaking to both the actual serpent and to Satan himself. God cursed the serpent because he allowed Satan to use him and his body to create a situation in which humanity fell through sin. Satan, as the main instigator, also had to deal with God’s judgment by hearing that one day he would be dealt a fatal blow by a Savior who would come from the seed of the woman.

The Nephilim
It would appear from Scripture that Satan is the consummate performer, able to deftly take on an identity that best suits him for the moment. Paul tells us that Satan can transform himself into an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). It appears that being able to transform is key to Satan’s success, though we know from Scripture that his “successes” are kept fully in check by God, Himself. One day, Satan will reach the end of his career as tormentor of this world and will find that there is plenty of room for him in the Lake of Fire, which was created with Satan and his angels in mind (Matthew 25:41).

Jumping ahead to Genesis 6, we learn that after Enoch lived and was taken to heaven, one of his descendants (named Noah) lived who was considered to be righteous in God’s eyes. In fact, the text tells us that Noah was “perfect in his generations” (Genesis 6:9). A number of biblical scholars believe that this may, in fact, be referencing Noah’s very DNA; the text is not using the term “perfect” to reference a kind of standard of good behavior that Noah upheld, but a non-corrupt DNA pattern in his physical makeup.

In verse 4, we learn that there were Nephilim on the Earth, and these Nephilim were the result of fallen angels who had somehow found a way to comingle with human women. The guise that Satan first used in the Garden of Eden by hiding his own true identity under the skin of a serpent may have been continued here by fallen angels, literally by mixing their DNA with the DNA of women. The result was catastrophic to God’s creation, requiring extreme judgment. This is likely one of the first historical instances of the incubus: demons masquerading as human men in order to copulate with human women.

The Nephilim that resulted from this unholy union were half-breeds: part angel, part human, yet with a fallen soul, incapable of redemption. Even though God wiped out all living creatures on the Earth with the Flood of Genesis 9, these same creatures appeared again hundreds of years later after God promised Abraham that He would use him to bless all the nations of the world (Genesis 12; 15; 17). Seemingly right on cue, as Moses attempted to lead the chosen race of Israel into the Promised Land following their escape from Egypt, the sight of gigantic people proved too much for the faith of the Israelites and they refused to go in. God forced them to wander the wilderness for forty years because of their rebellion (Numbers 13).

Possible Nephilim appeared again later as well. When David was but a young shepherd boy who brought food to the Israeli army led by Israel’s first king Saul who stood against the Philistines, he wondered why no one was willing to go out and fight the giant Goliath, who was the shortest of four brothers standing just less than ten feet tall according to the Scripture (1 Samuel 17). Ultimately, God used David to slay Goliath, showing that it was by faith, not by might, that the enemies of God are destroyed.


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Though Satan has attempted to overcome humanity through a variety of means (at times using lies, while at other times, using brute force), the reality stands that faith in God will overcome whatever Satan throws in our path. Even with all his masquerades included, Satan is absolutely no match for God’s power.

Satan has worked some of his best deceptions by presenting himself as something he is not and that fact seems to continue to this day. Whether he is working through a serpent, the Nephilim, Goliath, fallen angels, or what appear to be aliens, the reality is that he will don whatever costume suits him for that purpose.

However, in present day, except for true Satan-worshippers and authentic Christians, it is the rare case that a person would believe in Satan or in fallen angels at all. This is exactly what Satan prefers, because it allows him to operate out in the open, in front of non-believers, whilst effectively remaining completely hidden in the shadows. As long as he appears in the camouflage of something or someone more intriguing (and sometimes even more terrifying) than the traditional Satan image associated with religion, he will continue to escape the attention or focus of his prey. In today’s day and age, the more seemingly scientific (or Sci-Fi) the camouflage, the better.

There are multitudes of people who believe that there are entities among us known as “reptilian shape-shifters.” These shape shifters allegedly have the power to cloak their own identity with the genetic shell of what outwardly appears to be a normal human being. These shells allow them (through the use of energetic [or energy] transformation, using realms of light outside a human’s ability to perceive) to either take over physical bodies, possessing their mental and emotional processes, capabilities, and manifestations, or to create the illusion that they have a physical body. Who they are and what they want are the urgent questions, which must be answered.

Master of Disguise and Deceit
Satan truly has something for everyone. He does his best to keep as many people as possible under his control. When dealing with a person who is religious, even one who believes themselves to be Christian, he will often visit them as an ascended master, or spirit guide, speaking articulate and religiously resonating verbiage to draw them into his snare. For a superstitious person who believes in ghosts or poltergeists, he may opt for a disguise that conjures up images of long-departed friends or relatives, appealing to their sense of familiar association, which is a powerful tool of entrapment.

Even to those who merely have a seemingly innocent fascination into the Sci-Fi world, Satan may cloak himself or his minions as a variety of alien beings coming to this planet on missions of good will. Through circulating stories of aliens who have allegedly manifested themselves to earthlings, we have learned about complete races of separate and distinct aliens. Reptilians are merely one race of many in the alien world. There are Pleiadeans, Greys, and others, all with a type of hierarchy similar to that found within human societies.

Of course this sounds strange unless the discussion involves the latest episode of some Sci-Fi show or movie. The fact of the matter, though, is that there is a large (and growing) group of people who have catalogued many instances of what they believe to be actual situations in which some of these reptilian shape-shifters have momentarily allowed their mask to fall away, revealing their true identity. There are videos and photos on the Internet, along with books filled with research. Whether they are actual or not is another question. The more important point for this writing is that many believe these shape-shifting alien beings do exist.

If we simply peruse the succession of movies and TV shows within the past few years alone, we will see a plethora of projects dedicated to the concept of aliens or demons infiltrating the human race, either through direct possession, or through some type of physical interaction, such as mixing DNA. Splice is one such film, starring Adrien Brody, in which scientists strive to “achieve fame by successfully splicing together the DNA of different animals to create incredible new hybrid animals.”[ii] Not willing to rest on their laurels, they then seek to do the same thing with human DNA and animal DNA. What they create, though seemingly far superior to humanity, winds up being thoroughly deadly.

Other movies have not only broached this type of theme, but have gone well beyond it to inculcate into the depths of humanity’s thinking the concept that genetic manipulation should be seen as normal. All of this is done, I believe, to desensitize people to the idea that, though fiction, it could possibly happen in future sciences and should not be avoided in the interest of humanity-benefitting breakthroughs.

First Stages
How did all this start? How did we get here at this particular point in time? Consider the fact that decades ago, the idea of demonic possession in movies was certainly not the norm. The whole idea of someone being possessed by another entity was not really discussed outside of religious circles until The Exorcist came to the screen. Here, we witnessed the epic struggle between human beings and other-dimensional entities so powerful that, in the process of attempting to force their extrication, people died in the process.

The Exorcist opened the flood gates and numerous production companies immediately began pumping out Sci-Fi thrillers that went from believable to bawdy, and some to completely laughable. It did not matter, though, because Satan was getting precisely what he wanted (and planned). The market was being flooded with a subject that had heretofore been relatively unknown, and once the fear of it was gone, the desensitization could begin.

If we look to other movies like Galaxy Quest or Men in Black, we see a trend where aliens are shown as somewhat whimsical. If you shot one in the head, it would hurt, but they’d grow another head back in short order. Sure, they lived among us, but unlike the spate of alien-type movies from the 1950s, it was the unconventional alien that truly wanted to harm or destroy us. Like humans, there were bad aliens around, but we were never to fear, because the brave Men in Black would take the challenge and face down any real alien threat with aplomb. Most of the time, these aliens simply wanted to live peaceably among us. They wanted to be left alone, having escaped a situation on their own planet that caused them to run for their lives. Relocating to Earth gave them the opportunity to start over without drawing unwanted attention to themselves, because they easily disguised themselves as human beings. Interestingly enough, one scene in Galaxy Quest implied a comingling between one of the female aliens and one of the crew of NSEA Protector after the alien returned to her original non-human, alien form.

Of course, plenty of movies have been made that show a side of aliens in which they are seemingly malevolent, or at the very least, powerfully realistic. The movie Knowing, starring Nicolas Cage, immediately comes to mind. Here, we encounter aliens that are quite capable of taking on forms that resemble humans in order to promote their own agenda undercover. For them, it is merely a matter of shifting light, energy, and particles to create a form that offers a recognizable disguise to humans.

The blockbuster movie Avatar is another case in point. Here, through available scientific technology, people are enabled to enter the worlds of aliens, as an alien themselves. In this particular movie, the main character, Jake Sully (a marine), is wheelchair-bound due to a war injury. Through the newly available technology, he is able to enter an electronic, foreign-body simulation device, allowing him to enter the genetically engineered, reptilian-type, Na’vi-human hybrid body to interact with the natives of Pandora, a land of peaceful, giant, blue individuals who simply want to be left alone. These individuals are very reminiscent of Native Americans, when America was first settled, and the storyline seems to follow a similar pattern of beliefs. The problem, of course, is that Sully learns of the corporate greed behind the military mission for which he volunteered. The primary issue surrounds the technology that allows human beings to become their own “avatar” in the world of Pandora. As such, they are taller, blue, and reptilian. It should interest the reader to know that the word “avatar” is from the Hindu religion and it means the appearance, manifestation, or incarnation of deity into a human form. The storyline of Avatar follows the New Age line of thinking, with the planet Pandora being alive and interconnected through the trees on the planet’s surface, just as many believe the Earth to be “Gaia,” with a living, breathing soul.

Another movie that had tongues wagging is Jennifer’s Body, starring Megan Fox. The basic outline here is that Jennifer becomes possessed and begins to dispatch male classmates, by first seducing them, then killing them. Like the scene in Galaxy Quest, this harkens back to the medieval idea of the succubus, a demon that takes on the form of a woman in order to seduce men.

As far as the reptilian shape-shifting theory goes, coupled with more of the succubus imagery, in recent years the movie Species probably best portrays this concept. In this movie, the alien is located by the SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) program. Scientists back on Earth receive communication from an alien source telling them how to create an endless supply of fuel. The second transmission explains how to splice human DNA with alien DNA.

The alien in Species comes to Earth and begins mating with human men, after adorning itself with a human being’s voluptuous female skin. Like the female praying mantis, the alien-turned-attractive-woman kills the men when she is finished. The obvious message is that reptilian aliens have come here to Earth to mate; to mix their DNA with ours and have done so under the guise of the succubus.

The movie Starman, starring Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen, concerns an alien who comes to this planet, takes on the form of a man (Bridges), hooks up with a woman (Allen), and then winds up mating with her before the movie ends. What is interesting is how the producers of the movie crafted a contemporary love story throughout, weaving a web that captures the mind and emotions of the viewer.

Satan has a multitude of tricks that he has used and continues to use to gain the upper hand over humanity. He will do whatever is necessary to bring his schemes to fruition. He has no qualms whatsoever in crafting a lie that is so large and multi-faceted, that it is seen as truth.

The subject of aliens is very large, and interest in this area of the paranormal has been growing exponentially for decades. With the recent release of classified documents through Wikileaks, the world has gained a good deal of information concerning documentation of alleged contact with UFOs, aliens, and other entities. For decades, the world guessed as much, but under the guise of national security, governments continued to deny that fact.

It Gets More Intense
It is impossible in one or two chapters to fully outline all of the information we have learned about aliens. We know that since time immemorial, civilizations have noted strange travelers who went from place to place sometimes in flying carriages, while at other times, simply appeared. These individuals were seen and worshipped as gods by the Ancient Egyptians and others. The information these beings are believed to have provided these ancient civilizations is very likely what allowed them to be the dominant societies of their day, with technology that far surpassed neighboring and developing empires.

As time moved forward, other creatures became known to humanity. Creatures that live within the whimsical boundaries of fairytales and ancient writings of the Greeks (among others) may well have their origins in actual creatures who revealed themselves to them.

We know that through generations of time, humanity has written about satyrs, fauns, unicorns, giants, ogres, cyclops, and many other creatures that are known to us today. It is very likely that, within the kernel of many of these stories related to creatures this modern world has never seen, lays the fact that they did exist in some form. Could they have been demons in disguise?

Modern-day sightings of what is believed to be the teratorn[iii] have generated tremendous fear in the individuals who have allegedly seen it. Standing six to eight feet tall as it sat, this bird has been described as brooding like a vulture, waiting to swoop in to begin eating prey that has recently died.

But why do these creatures such as the teratorn, chupacabra, Mothman, and others generate such horror in people? Is it solely because of the myths surrounding them, or is there something more at work here?

What if Satan, in wanting to create the concept that terrible, other-worldly creatures exist in our world now, did so by having some of his minions impersonate them? What if he had some of his fleet of fallen angels taking care of that aspect, while others built up an entire realm of aliens within aliens to impress their false ideologies on an unwary humanity? Is it possible? It would certainly seem so.

Satan’s chief aim is to cause all people to worship him as god, correct? If this is so, then as long as he keeps people from worshipping the true God of the Bible, then he has succeeded in some way. What better way to distract God’s people from Him than by replacing God with something else that appears to be intelligent and, in some cases, even superior to the antiquated “myth” of the Christian God?



Going to the Source
Whether the entity in question appears to be a reptilian shape-shifter, one of the Greys or Pleiadeans, or something else, aliens, it is said, have been slowly and consistently revealing themselves to humanity in order to gain our trust. It is easy to spot, in documented cases of alien contact, how they seek to assist us through what is now a very difficult period of our earthly history, in order to bring us to a point of self-sufficiency, beyond wars, hatred, and especially beyond the narrow-mindedness that is often revealed through a variety of religions. Many of these are described as legalistic.

Of course, it goes without saying that in all cases, Christianity is the single most attacked religion on the face of the planet by these other-dimensional beings. It is usually described by aliens in these accounts as being completely misunderstood and, therefore, misappropriated or simply wrong. Jesus either did exist, but whose reputation was completely blown out of proportion, or He did not exist, and sometimes, in association with this claim, He was merely a holographic image created by these higher beings in order to instruct us. In any case, the intended result is to indirectly destroy Christianity, and to cause the hearer(s) to doubt what they have always heard about Jesus and Christianity by redirecting their attention to superior intelligence, and other ideas about Jesus and Christianity. It is interesting that people will question the Bible without mercy, in spite of any proof provided as to its veracity. However, when an alien being (who, by the way, is never asked or expected to offer proof as to its real identity) comes along and promotes the idea that Jesus was something else entirely, or that Christianity is merely the result of wishful thinking on the part of the original twelve disciples, these words alone are sufficient to be accepted as truth. People sit in awe of these beings, holding onto every word, as messages are channeled through human beings to their audience, which waits with baited breath for new revelations.

Because of the impact they have had and continue to have on society, the overwhelming question becomes: Why would aliens be concerned at all with what occurs on this planet? The answer seems to be that these aliens want us to believe that they have either had a hand in creating (seeding) life on this planet to begin with, or their continued existence is somehow connected to humanity’s continued existence.

Decades ago, aliens impacted society through what has become known as “alien abductions.” These abductions were carried out, it was said, in order for the aliens to learn and study humanity. People were purportedly taken aboard some ship (or arrived to some place seemingly out of this world) and examined “medically.” In some cases, both women and men were raped (incubus/succubus again), and in the case of some women, alien matter was at times planted in the womb. These same women have stated that they were brought back to these ships months later to have the alien matter removed.

Clearly, these types of stories and narratives indicate a certain interest in humanity on the part of the alien that goes well beyond simply getting to know us or desiring to help us. There is a message being propagated here that aliens not only want to “get to know” us, but want to somehow dominate or overtake us. If these experiments actually happened as many attest to, then it is evident that aliens are up to something far more sinister. What still remains of the issue, is who (or what) these beings really are.

Many UFOlogists like Jacques Vallée have come to a point of believing that there is something not merely superior about these aliens, but malevolent. He also believes them to be inter-dimensional as opposed to simply being from outer space.

With all these stories of abductions and visitations by aliens of all sorts, it has become clear that something is obviously going on behind the scenes. Yet, with Satan and his minions so willing and quick to approach us with alternative identities, it must be seriously considered that he and his troops of fallen angels may, in fact, be the ones behind this entire alien phenomenon.

Back to the Beginning
Why would aliens today be carrying out nearly the same acts that we read about in Genesis, perpetrated first by Satan, and then by fallen angels known as the “Watchers”? Genesis 6 tells us of events that are extremely difficult to believe: fallen angels (incubus) procreating with human women. What was the purpose behind this unholy and corrupt relationship?

I believe there are a number of reasons why fallen angels participated in such acts. (For a more extended account of this, the reader is encouraged to pick up a copy of the Book of Enoch. This may also provide insight as to why the same thing appears to be happening today.)

As soon as God pronounced judgment on Adam, Eve, the serpent, and Satan, it is clear that Satan knew immediately how his future and ultimate downfall would occur. From God’s own lips, Satan was made aware of the fact that the woman’s seed would strike the fatal blow against him. In others words, somewhere in the future, the woman would give birth to a male child (and this is where we get the idea of a virgin birth because women do not have seed, but eggs, so the implication is that a “male being” would overshadow the woman: the virgin birth). When and where he would be struck down by a male child born of a virgin, Satan did not know, but he was willing to accomplish whatever was necessary to prevent it from happening.

The answer soon became very clear: Destroy the genetic base of humanity so that it no longer resembled God’s original creation. If Satan could modify human DNA by combining or integrating it with “alien” DNA, he would alter the bloodline of Adam and Eve’s descendants, literally putting a stop to this Savior from ever being born into this world as a pure, perfect, sinless human with a soul, because there would be no pure human being left through which that birth could occur.

The Watchers
According to the Apocryphal Book of Enoch, two hundred powerful angels “descended in the days of Jared on the summit of Mount Hermon” (Enoch 6:6). These fallen angels lusted after women and found a way to procreate with them.How they did it is impossible to know, but we do know that every time an angel appears in Scripture, the angel appears in male form. It is also clear that from various places in the Bible, angels can not only walk through walls, unlock chains, and open gates with a thought, but are also capable of eating. It would appear that angels’ bodies are similar to ours.

So, if these watchers found a way to impregnate human women, either directly or through manipulation of DNA or something else, the result as has been stated was the Nephilim. Down through the biblically recorded lineage (or commonly, “begats”), by the time one arrives at Noah, only he and his immediate family were spared from DNA manipulation. Satan would have succeeded with his plan, had he been able to change Noah’s DNA. Through the Flood, God destroyed every thing and being on Earth whose DNA had been affected (and infected).

Noah and his family, along with the animals they took with them in the Ark (and the existing creatures in the seas), started civilization all over again. Still, Satan infected again, either through the use of the souls of Nephilim (whose bodies had been destroyed in the Flood but who remained alive as wandering souls), or by direct interference. The result was seen in people like Goliath, a giant just short of ten feet tall, who was the smallest of his brothers.

What does that have to do with today? It would appear that Satan is at it again. Does it not seem strange to you that the aliens of today appear with a message that bears remarkable similarity to the New Age movement (which has its roots in Babylon’s Tower of Babel in Genesis 11), and seem to be performing the same genetic modification sciences that the Watchers of old were guilty of?

Think about it. There is a real possibility that beings are now walking around that look like actual people. This is where the similarities stop. The costume they wear is on the outside, while the real entity exists within. Their façade of being reptilian may also be just that, a façade, used as a smokescreen, or to redirect. While we are busy thinking of reptilian aliens living among us on this planet, the real problem is what is going on behind the scenes that has absolutely nothing to do with real aliens, because real aliens do not exist, but are merely entities fashioned by demons.

I watched a movie a number of months ago called They Live, a 1988 schlocky Sci-Fi thriller. The main premise was very interesting. Aliens existed and lived and worked among society. The only way one could see their true identity was by wearing a special pair of sunglasses. In addition to revealing the aliens as what they really were, the sunglasses also allowed the wearer to see all the signs and billboards that contained the subliminal messages printed into them by these invading beings. These messages were designed to make humans complacent and obedient, so that when the aliens opted to take over the Earth, they would be met with less resistance. There are people alive today who firmly believe that this planet will be taken over by aliens. In truth, this is a con, by the oldest and most intelligent con artist ever created, Satan himself.

In today’s world, Satan has endeavored to make himself completely outmoded. In spite of his narcissistic nature, he is not interested in having a world that believes in him as Satan: the age-old evil one. He much prefers to create a world in which technological advances have catapulted our society to the far reaches of space where aliens of all sorts are the norm, and in some cases, exalted. As he has worked to accomplish this, the Bible’s literal meaning falls by the wayside for a growing number.

When comparing the interest between discussions of Christ’s return or the latest UFO sighting, today’s obvious commonplace in conversation of the supernatural is more comfortably placed in what new excitement the Greys will bring. The belief that Jesus Christ will return to Earth as Savior and Judge is too much for many (including some Christians). This new age of Star Trekian inventions and revelations is far superior, because it is largely unknown and far more “interesting.” The thought of Jesus puts us back in the first century. Star Trek, Star Wars, and other Sci-Fi topics push us into the technological future! People have been hearing for generations that Jesus will be returning. The question that naysayers are asking is, “Well, where is He?”

This coming new age promotes another concept, one that, for many, is far more believable. With reptilian aliens among us (and other aliens in the wings), the world is simply waiting for that right moment when the “big reveal” takes place, and those aliens who have spent generations helping humanity adjust to the idea that they exist, will actually be able to physically step onto this planet from their hiding places in order to help man “achieve.”

Who doesn’t want to be able to travel other galaxies? Who doesn’t wish to learn the secrets of the ancient gods (demons clothed in alien skins) in order to evolve to the next spiritual plane?

In the Garden of Eden, Satan not only used the deception of words to enthrall and trap Eve and then Adam, but he also chose to use a deceptive disguise, one in which Eve would not be afraid to approach. The serpent had been around Eden. Eve had likely seen it, and didn’t feel that it had posed a threat. Maybe, as the days passed, the serpent became more familiar to Eve until such a time as he sidled up to her to speak with her one-on-one. Once that gap was bridged, it all seemed normal. Maybe, as the serpent had moved around the garden, he was there just enough to pique Eve’s curiosity, much the way we tend to listen harder when we hear someone whispering.

If biblical history is any indication, this seems to be exactly what demons have done and are doing. Eons ago, they approached humanity in a guise, from a distance, and as a tease. It was a guise that, at first, may have seemed slightly off-putting, though at the same time, created an unquenchable interest. As time passed, the idea of alien existence has captured the imagination and belief of a growing circle of humanity.

It is likely that these demons-as-aliens are waiting for that specific moment when they will be allowed to reveal themselves to humanity. When that happens, we can expect the very same delusions of grandeur as those in the Garden to sound not only realistic, but likely. The full force of “you will be gods” will be launched by demons masquerading as aliens, in order to capture the hearts, the minds, and the souls of all humanity.

The deception is here and growing…waiting for the big reveal.

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[i] Many biblical scholars believe, due to God’s pronouncement in Genesis 3 (that the serpent would crawl upon its belly all the days of its life), that it had originally had legs, allowing it to walk, possibly upright.

[ii] “Synopsis for Splice,” Internet Movie Database (IMDB), last accessed June 29, 2011,

[iii] An extinct bird that was all black with a pink, bare-skinned head and alleged wingspan of at least twenty-five feet.

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