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The Difference Between Patriotism And Christian Faith

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American flag with a christian cross and dramatic clouds.

On the one hand, many fine Christians are joining together to push back politically, just as those with other ideologies are pushing for their agendas politically. We have every right to do this as Americans, but it is our faith that fuels our convictions and informs our voting. That’s why we pray for our elected officials, and that’s why we pray for God to turn the tide in our nation. As for political leaders, no matter how heroic and strong they might be, all of them have clay feet (to use a biblical idiom) and all of them are mere mortals, here today and gone tomorrow. The Bible frequently urges us not to put our trust and hopes in them. So, while our faith and our patriotism often overlap, there is a vast difference between the two. There is a vast difference between our loyalty to Jesus and our loyalty to a party or cause or leader, between the kingdom of God and America. We do well to keep those distinctives in mind. Otherwise, when the lines between Christianity and patriotism get blurred, the spirit of the world will enter our hearts. And soon enough, we will look more like the world than like the people of God… (READ MORE)

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