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WITH ZEITGEIST 2025 RACING TOWARD HUMANITY…Super-Rich ‘Preppers’ Seek To Save Themselves From The Coming Apocalypse

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Douglas Rushkoff, professor of media theory and digital economics at City University of New York, Queens College, explained in the publication that the extreme wealth and privilege of this group has ”served only to make them obsessed with insulating themselves from the very real and present danger of global pandemics, nativist panic and resource depletion. ”For them, the future of technology is about only one thing: escape from the rest of us.” Rushkoff wrote that ”the very structure of The Mindset requires an endgame. Everything must resolve to a one or a zero, a winner or loser, the saved or the damned. Actual, imminent catastrophes from the climate emergency to mass migrations support the mythology, offering these would-be superheroes the opportunity to play out the finale in their own lifetimes.” He stressed that ”The Mindset also includes a faith-based Silicon Valley certain that they can develop a technology that will somehow break the laws of physics, economics and morality to offer them something even better than a way of saving the world: a means of escape from the apocalypse… (READ MORE)

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