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By (the late) Russ Dizdar (excerpted from the bestselling book God’s Ghostbusters)

And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet. For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty. Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame. And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon. (Revelation 16:13–16)

It was the sight of a young girl’s remains (a pink head to be specific, the details of which I will not describe) that burned itself into my mind; it happened the very moment I saw it and it has never left me. It has fueled my passion to fight radical evil and the devastating rituals that practitioners use…in growing and unprecedented numbers. During a law enforcement training (Def Tec Geneva, Ohio) on advance occult/satanic crimes, a crime scene was shown to us on video. A girl, most likely a runaway, was drawn into a party; she was taken by force and ritually abused and sacrificed.

I have seen a number of ritual sites, viewed hundreds of crime-scene photos, and read and listened to hundreds of accounts of modern-day satanic rituals. All of this (since the ’80s) moved me to track, investigate, expose, and do all that can be done to stop this ancient/modern practice…it has grown in this hour of history off the charts and beyond belief.

The Past

One only has to study the dark rituals of the past to see the gruesome accounts of ungodly human sacrifice and devastation. I have read the accounts of these sacrifices reported around the world in places like Sumer, China, Chile, England, Ireland, and more. Two of the most renowned sites would be the Mayan and Aztec civilizations. Though many have fallen for the view of a “quieter, gentler” Maya, the truth is, modern-day stories, documentaries, and spiritual revelations of 2012 Mayan prophecies (including the predictions of the return of Quetzalcoatl) cloak the blood-soaked temples and grounds of these ancient sights.

In one report, one hundred thirty-six thousand human skulls, along with various other body parts, were lined up on racks as charged trophies of ancient Aztec blood sacrifices to old demon gods they feared. Another report covered the agonizing, ritual slaughter of living human beings by Mayan priests. Some were stretched out on a rack, their entrails removed by the demon-appeasing, knife-wielding priest.

Among the Mayan temples, massive human suffering, ritual sacrifice, and bloodshed were the norm. Modern-day movie-makers and book authors (like Daniel Pinchbeck’s, 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl) seek to reveal a sparkling, spiritual Mayan civilization of the past that my help bring about a return to those days (thus 2012) and a return of a god or god-man (Nephilim) once worshipped as Quetzalcoatl. I can only wonder if these authors and movie-makers have seen the Vatican-confiscated Mayan painting of this very same Quetzalcoatl standing over a human being whom he is sacrificing. Quetzalcoatl is seen thrusting a ritual knife into the eye socket of a ritual victim. Does anyone really want him to return (or the Moloch’s, Baal’s, etc.)?

The Present

Occult historian, James Charles Napier Webb, declared in his work, The Occult Establishment: The Dawn of the New Age and the Occult Establishment, that the second largest proliferation of occult literature was released in the 1960s in the U.S. The first was unleashed in pre-Nazi Germany. What a spinning decade the ’60s were! We saw The Beatles, anti-war movement, the sexual revolution, eastern mysticism, and the 1966 establishment of the modern “Church of Satan” with the release of self-proclaimed dark pope Anton LaVey’s The Satanic Bible (1969). That book spelled out for many, sex, destruction, and even death rituals. The ’60s was only the first dark steps of even darker left-hand path rituals. (Perhaps it was Alistair Crowley or the “Babylon Working” ritual by U.S. rocket scientist, Jack Parsons, that helped open the doors to the modern rise of these dark rituals and manifesting dark powers?)

In her book, Crimewarps: The Future of Crime in America, Georgette Bennett predicted that the ’90s would be a dark decade with a primary rise in satanic and occult ritual crime. Law enforcement agent, Thomas W. Wedge, unleashed his book, The Satan Hunter, which gave local police the tools to uncover, investigate, and seek trace evidence at satanic ritual crime scenes. It was Holly Hector, a former hypnotherapist at Denver’s Centennial hospital, while working on the new satanic ritual abuse ward (part of the psych ward), who said that there were, by the early ’90s, 2.4 million diagnosed cases of severe satanic ritual abuse that included trauma-based mind-control (the splitting of the human personality to create alter or sub personalities who could be programmed and demonized).

Later, there was a rise of satanic bands like Slayer who gave invitation to hundreds of thousands of youth to cut themselves, spill their blood, and embrace the demonic (such as in the song Spill the Blood on their album South of Heaven). Other satanic bands were far worse. Extremely so. (See the book Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground by Michael Moynihan and Didrik Soderlind.) Other works such as Satan Wants You: The Cult of Devil Worship in America (by Arthur Lyons), Cults That Kill: Probing the Underworld of Occult Crime (by Larry Kahaner), Painted Black: From Drug Killings to Heavy Metal—The Alarming True Story of How Satanism Is Terrorizing Our Communities (by Carl A. Raschke), and a new and vital study Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder (by David McGowan), is to mention only a few who have sought to grasp this unprecedented rise of Satanism, dark ritual crimes, and satanic, ritual abuse. It would seem that author Bob Rosio was right in his two books, Hitler and the New Age (wherein Bob coins the phrase “deception always leads to destruction” [the demon/occult-given ideology of the Nazis lead to WW2 and millions dead]) and The Satanization of America: Secular Humanism’s Assault on America (the title of which may explain life in our country for the last seventy years).

In this current hour, the rise of Satanism the world over has even led the Russian national security director to declare: “In 2008, Interior Ministry experts announced that Satanism was a greater threat to the country’s national security than Islamic radicalism.”[i] The Catholic News Agency declared that “the smoke of Satan” is in the Vatican[ii] and one Catholic priest records over ninety thousand exorcisms and even more that Italy has over eight thousand satanic cults with over seven hundred thousand members. In such a small nation that is massive!

The development of occult/satanic crime units and detectives and thousands of websites promoting every evil spiritual path with the unveiling of some of the darkest and once-kept secret ritual procedures is evidence of the rise of these wicked rituals. This current hour has sent the Vatican in a frenzy to train priests in exorcism and has led the way to more books being written on spiritual warfare, deliverance, and exposing the dark side in the last twenty years than in the entire history of the Church. It is clear that in the last forty years, we have seen an unequaled rise in malevolent writings, practices, and the manifestations of sinister powers.

I believe that rituals that unleash evil powers are at the center of this.

Before we go on to the future part of this chapter, let me unwrap three almost-unheard-of and largely un-preached biblical revelations. I hope that taking a closer look at this list will result in some greatly needed, cutting-edge, spiritual warfare discernment/Intel and action.

The Revelation of “Supernatural Secrecy”

I believe that 95 percent of the rituals that have and are going on are cloaked in satanic powers that effectively keep them secret and very well-hidden. In Ezekiel Chapter 8, the great prophet had no idea that there were long-established, luciferic, serpent-worshipping incidents going on right in the City of God. It took a Higher Supernatural Power (the hand of God) to lead the biblical prophet into the cave to witness what in God’s sight was grossly detestable. It is this secret power of lawlessness (Satan’s supernaturally operative power; see 2 Thessalonians 2) that was and is still behind the rise of dark arts, rituals, ritual crime and the global manifestation of demonic activity (including possessions).

The Revelation of Uncontested Growth of Dark Rituals Manifesting Dark Powers

In 2 Kings Chapters 21–23 is the story of an evil king in the City of God that opened every possible door to dark spirits. He was eventually led to sacrifice his own son in a bloody, painful ritual on a slab in Moloch worship. Its seems that no one stopped this and eventually the Temple of God was laced with occult symbols and the making of occult objects…at least until Josiah arose to put a stop to it.

The Issue of the Weaponization of Dark Powers

In 2 Kings Chapter 3, a demon-worshipping king from a demon-experienced nation was at war with Israel. The Moabite king was losing, so he, like any old military king would have done, sent out seven hundred more soldiers to fight. The Pagan nation was still losing! So the king, seeking advantage, took his son and sacrificed him on the wall, shedding his blood so that the demons would come, and come they did; the powers fell upon the Moabite warriors, moving them into a non-human enhancement frenzy. The freshly demonized soldiers then beat Israel back and won for the day.

Keep These Points Close

The Old Testament’s revelation on satanic rituals is vast and should be restudied to help us understand how the satanic supernatural secrecy, satanic ritual growth, and the weaponizing of dark powers happen. Now let’s peer into the future.

The Future

Biblical revelation on satanic and demonic powers and rituals may be the most important Bible study approach in a Christian’s walk, and I believe it gives the best information we can possibly have to our advantage. The coming rise of global Babylon, the three frogs of Revelation 16, and the phenomenon of SRA MPD (satanic ritual abuse multiple personality disorder) do have a role in these last days. Jesus taught that the first thing to look at as evidence of the last days (and His Coming) is demonic deception in Matthew 24. The Spirit of God cries out that there will be a massive wave of seducing spirits who will lead many astray and cause some to write (to influence the world) doctrines of demons (see 1 Timothy 4). The panoramic view of the evolution of the satanic agenda is crisply spelled out in 2 Thessalonians 2. But two more vastly neglected and invaluable revelations are found in the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Revelation Chapter 18

I greatly encourage you, the reader of this series, to read this Bible chapter. Here, we see the spiritual source of the “new world order.” The power behind all of this is seen in the future at the height or at the pinnacle of global, demonic manifestation. Demonic presence and power seems to be manifested everywhere…every city, nation…everywhere! Talk about “feeling oppression in the air”! Looking at the past and the present (and biblically) it would seem that the most powerful source luciferians have access to in getting their wicked powers from that side to this is: dark rituals, blood rituals, and human sacrifice (for sure).

The Three Frogs of Revelation 16
These are very powerful demons released in ritual fashion and sent out. They are sent out with a global reach: an assignment. They cause what some have called a “planetary wave of supernatural or spiritual presence.” This is the cause behind gathering the new world order’s collective “demonized” military out onto the field of battle. Think of it: the biggest battle in all of history…Armageddon! (Take note, Armageddon does not occur without a planetary release of dark powers that supernaturally synchronizes the enemies of God.)

The Principle Is Clear:

Just as there is no advance of the Kingdom of God without His Power, so there is no advance to the satanic agenda without the release, and use, of real, manifested, dark power.

Phenomenon of SRA MPD—Chosen Ones

They are here by the millions now and most are only numbering the first generation of these victims of satanic ritual abuse (SRA MPD). They are casualties of being raised in an ancient (The Order/Brotherhood/Black Flame), satanic, multinational coven system. They have been abused, their personalities split, sub personalities programmed, demonized, and highly trained. It may be one of the most supernaturally suppressed secrets (2 Thessalonians 2) of any kind in our time.

In the ’70s, they began showing up in psych wards, in the ’80s they were here by the hundreds of thousands, and in the early ’90s, Holly Hector (former hypnotherapist working in the ritual abuse ward of Centennial Hospital in Denver CO) estimated that there were 2.4 million cases. That has since been dwarfed by the acknowledgment of Dr. Colin A. Ross MD, Canadian Psychologist and author of the book, Bluebird: Deliberate Creation of Multiple Personality by Psychiatrists. He believes there may be up to 10 million cases in the U.S. and Canada.[iii] But add the numbers in England, Australia, Ireland, all of Europe, and Russia, and the numbers are staggering…a possible 40 million cases. And that’s only first-generation victims!

Many are now counseling and helping the second generation (around forty years of age), third generation (around twenty-two years of age), and fourth generations (around ages one–eight) of SRA/MPD victims. Better statistics are needed, but the author of this chapter firmly believes that the total numbers (four generations and growing) may be around 100 million. Here is a list of questions about the SRA/MPD victims that I will attempt to address:

  • Who are these victims?
  • What have they gone through?
  • How many satanic rituals have they experienced?
  • Why are they programmed (mind-control) and demonized?
  • Why do they have assassin and sleeper sub personalities?
  • Why are they extremely knowledgeable in the practice of ancient dark rituals?
  • Why can they speak dead or “twilight” ritual demon summoning languages?
  • Why do they collectively say they are created to be servants of antichrist?
  • What is this “great chaos” they say they are purposely created for?
  • Who is behind this massive creation of controlled, multi-continental, multi-generational, future satanic warrior phenomenon?

The answers to the above questions will lead us to the reality that an enormous sum of satanic rituals and ritual abuses have been going on for over fifty years and are broader than most people can calculate. One of these victims, an intact, satanic super-soldier, after doing blood rituals, was engaged by officers. He was leg-chained and handcuffed, but he continued to fight when, all of a sudden, he rose up and declared with a demon-charged, Nazi/German accent: “WE ARE THE LEGIONS WHO SHALL RULE THE EARTH!”

Each one of these victims has been through hundreds of rituals by the time they are thirteen years old. They can and have told the secrets—secrets supernaturally cloaked by the dark powers that work to manifest the ultimate agenda (a new order with a world leader). With that being said, let’s get to the issue that no real luciferian wants you to know; the reason for the dark rituals!

 Rituals of the Past, Present, and Future Will Evidence Five Factors

  1. Rituals that summon demons so the practitioner/priest can then receive those demons into themselves—

This is done to gain power, gain abilities, and demonize (they call it “purifying”) their blood. The idea is that they be fully charged (counterfeit to being filled with the Holy Spirit) so they can do their assigned satanic mission fully “empowered.”

2.  Rituals that summon demons, ultimately releasing them into other coven members and on/in new “chosen ones” (those being raised in the coven)—

This summoning/transference into others is to empower and enable the “chosen one(s),” and for the purpose of controlling the individual(s). The summoning can be done in a sex or blood ritual, and can be transferred through “charged” sex rituals where the demon-filled priest transfers their demonic powers into the chosen one via sexual ceremony. This ritual is called “marriage to the beast.

3. Rituals that summon demons to cloak the coven and their dark works (and meeting places) and to ward off law enforcement—

There is the “hands of glory” ritual done in September, and this can be used to gain powers (demons) to keep a shield of supernatural invisibility. Remember this: Real luciferianism in all of its dark activity is done mostly in the night and in deep secrecy. Coven work and even the demons love to go supernaturally unnoticed (the evil one comes at night).

4. Rituals that summon demons so they can be sent against coven/Satan’s enemies—

Whether lesser spells or hexes, or major blood rituals, the goal is to summon demons so they can be sent. In this process, it is believed that the demon can be given the assignment to go after designated targets. Those targets can be anyone they deem as an enemy, and often churches, pastors, and known Christians. Satanists like this have, are, and will continue to attack the Body of Christ, on a massive but hidden scale. (They surely know spiritual warfare…and hope Christians do not.)

5. Rituals that summon demons so they can be sent “into the air”—

The idea behind this is that the presence would have control over and oppress areas, cities, etc. The believer in Christ desires that the power of the Holy Spirit manifest in an area (Acts 4), and revival prayer warriors call God’s manifest presence in and over an area—an open heaven.[iv] I have been in revivals where it seems God’s presence hangs in the air; many come to salvation, believers are revived, and powerful works of God happen. With dark powers “in the air” the goal is the opposite. Dark power manifesting in an area/city seeks to suppress the Church, foster crime and violence, and cloak satanic activity so it won’t be detected. In areas or cities where evil powers hang in the air you can be sure you’ll find evil rituals. The satanic procedures that open (and in some cases keep open) doorways/gateways for these powers is done by continuous ritual-working.

500 Million Rituals

With the reality of past, present, and future rituals that are done to summon, receive, send, and ultimately manifest dark powers on this side of the fence, one more factor must be looked at. The sheer number of these rituals is unprecedented and the growth of them is beyond calculating. Let’s reduce the statistics for a moment and say that there are only 10 million SRA persons worldwide who have each gone through only five hundred rituals by the time they were thirteen (this is a massive reduction). If this alone was true, then the lowest possible numbers of rituals that released demons to this side would be 500 million!

500 million rituals done in the last fifty years…continuously!

That’s the lowest figure I can give (I apologize to SRAs; I know it is so much more). If we use the possible number of 50 million victims worldwide and multiply the rituals each one has been in (seen and/or participated in) then just think for a moment of the number of potential rituals…billions worldwide and growing!

It’s no wonder there are so many victims, possessions, satanic crimes, evil violence, terrorism, and the growing global feeling that a great darkness is manifesting in the air and something ominous and catastrophic is about to happen. Satan is the prince of the power of the air, right (Ephesians 2)?

Know and Speak

If you “feel it in the air” as many millions do, and if you agree that we are nearing the end of history, then the gravity of the end of days must be spoken about. We must warn of the impending danger, we must evangelize as never before and we must ramp up our walk in Christ knowing that no matter how dark and evil it does get, we have a mission from the King of Heaven and have all the backing we need to keep reaching the world for Christ until the very last day.

Let me say to anyone reading this series: It is vital that you know who Jesus Christ is and what He has done for you. I pray right now that if you don’t know Him, that by His love and mercy you will turn to Jesus Christ and receive Him as Savior, Lord, and God into your life. He will come into you with all His forgiving grace and power. He will fill you with His love and presence. You can know that you “know God” when you are truly saved and you can see for sure that no matter what happens in this fallen world, you have the gift of eternal life (indestructible immortality). Please read the Gospel of John. Please also read the Book of 1 John. God will speak to you. Just open your heart and life to Him.

To believers in Christ I urge you not to hide in fear: Shun that! Instead, be filled with the Holy Spirit, knowing that Jesus is alive in you and with you through the very end of eternity. It is vital now more than ever to take up the cross and follow Jesus Christ. He will never leave you or forsake you, and if you step out in faith and obedience (as believers did in the book of Acts), He will work in and through you: powerfully! You can help lead many to, and make an enormous impact for, Christ our Lord.

There are three main things I would tell you to do: First, become the most powerful, solid, and strong believer you can with the tools of the Bible and the friendship of Jesus Christ. Second, become a committed and powerful soul-winner, taking every opportunity you can to sincerely help those who are lost and in need. Third, become the most fierce prayer warrior you can, truly meditating in the power, and under the leadership, of Christ! I can only hope that in knowing what time it is (and it is very close to the end times), that every believer in Christ will:

  • Appropriate every biblical truth you can and put it into practice (James 1). You will become blessed and very strong.
  • Know your Authority in spiritual warfare and fearlessly use it in every possible way (Luke 10).
  • Make sure you have on, and live in, the full armor of God, thus manifesting God’s mighty power at all times (Ephesians 6).
  • Remain alert spiritually so you can sense and discern the spiritual battle that is going on around you and others (1 Peter 5:7–7).

As we are told in 1 John 4:4: “Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. May God make this a great reality in your life in these last days. May the Lord Jesus heal and deliver all who need His extraordinary grace!

(For over one hundred hours of free lecture training sessions on Dark Rituals/Dark Powers, Spiritual Warfare basics, Exposing Satanism 101, Satanic Ritual Abuse (the Black Awakening), and Confronting the Powers: go to

UP NEXT: Twilight of the Last Days

[i] Daniel Kalder, “Lucifer Watch: Satanists Attempt to Infiltrate Russian Police,” When Falls the Coliseum: A Journal of American Culture [or Lack Thereof], February 5, 2010,

[ii] “The Smoke of Satan in the Vatican?” New Oxford Review, last accessed July 12, 2011,

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[iv] For more information on this subject, read: Jessie Penn-Lewis with Evan Roberts, War on the Saints, 9th edition (New York, NY: Thomas E. Lowe Ltd., 1994).

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