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Are There Ghosts In The Beast-Tech Machines? Terrifying AI-Generated Woman Discovered Lurking In The Abyss Of Latent Space

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There’s a ghost in the machine. Machine learning, that is. We are all regularly amazed by AI’s capabilities in writing and creation, but who knew it had such a capacity for instilling horror? A chilling discovery by an AI researcher finds that the “latent space” comprising a deep learning model’s memory is haunted by least one horrifying figure — a bloody-faced woman now known as “Loab.” But is this AI model truly haunted, or is Loab just a random confluence of images that happens to come up in various strange technical circumstances? Surely it must be the latter unless you believe spirits can inhabit data structures, but it’s more than a simple creepy image — it’s an indication that what passes for a brain in an AI is deeper and creepier than we might otherwise have imagined. Loab was discovered — encountered? summoned? — by a… (READ MORE)

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