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TRANSHUMANISTS REJOICE! Scientists Just Found The Key To Revelation 9:6 That Promises IMMORTALITY WITHOUT GOD

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Barbra Streisand loved her dog Samantha, aka Sammy. The white and fluffy purebred Coton of Tulear was even present on the steps of the Elysée Palace, the French President’s official residence, when Streisand received the Legion of Honor in 2007. As the singer and actress explained inThe New York Times in 2018, she loved Sammy so much that, unable to bring herself to see her pass away, she had the dog cloned by a Texas firm for the modest sum of 50,000 dollars just before she died in 2017, at the age of 14. And that’s how Barbra Streisand became the happy owner of Miss Violet and Miss Scarlet, two puppies who are the spitting image of the deceased Samantha. This proves that DNA — ours as well as that of Sammy — has everything it takes to restore lost youth. This is a property that could be used to “reverse” aging without having to go through the problematic stage of cloning. The idea rests on identifying the “reset” button of the organism. And aging specialists all have the same piece of good news to announce: THIS BUTTON HAS BEEN FOUND. (READ MORE)

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