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The Return Of The Dark Ages

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Population declined. Global temperatures rose. Migration of people from destabilized regions increased. Wind and solar energy supplied the planet all its power. On September 4, 476, Romulus Augustus stepped down from the throne of the Western Roman Empire and the world entered the Dark Ages, which lasted until around the year 1000. Now, 1,022 years after the end of the Dark Ages, as populations decline, temperatures rise and people move restlessly about the planet, environmentalists are plunging the world into a new dark age of wind and solar dependence. Much of what environmentalists claim is climate change is actually caused by inept, corrupt and inefficient policies often pushed by progressive politicians. California, beginning this new dark age with blackouts and energy strain, prioritized moving to wind and solar power instead of prioritizing power grid infrastructure upgrades and baseload power. The state’s power suppliers could not cover the costs of keeping their power lines in good condition lest they be fined for not moving fast enough to “clean energy.” The reality, however, is that the environmental policy is inherently Malthusian. The entire and entirely unspoken premise of this movement is that humanity must suffer so the planet survives. There must be less of us living and those who survive must live in more miserable conditions to save the planet… (READ MORE)

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