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Starting In November, SkyWatch TV Will Present An Incomparable 6-Week Special Investigative Report Exploring “The Mystery Of Jesus—From Genesis To Revelation” Starting With A lesson About “The Days Of Pagan Gods And Empowered Apostles”

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As society falls apostate, pagan gods are regaining a hold on this world. As this darkness strengthens, what will happen to the light? There was a time when magic was real. From pharaoh’s sorcerers turning staffs into snakes to the medium at Endor calling up Samuel’s spirit to the divining slave girl following Paul and Silas, the world was full of spiritualists empowered by demons. These magicians, sorcerers, soothsayers, and mediums worshipped pagan gods. And many people practiced pagan rituals, including perverse sexual activities, to win the favor of these gods. But in the darkness of these times, Jesus brought light. When He left, He passed His light on, and His disciples carried it forth. They went out into the world, casting out demon spirits and breaking the power of the pagan gods. As a result of their light, darkness waned. The false gods were abandoned along with their temples, left to crumble and be covered by dirt. The church age began, and Christianity expanded over the earth. But what would happen if Christianity’s light waned? Paul prophesied about such a time, stating that in later times, some would “occupy themselves with deceiving spirits and demonic teachings.” We are seeing the fulfillment of this prophecy in today’s apostasy… (READ MORE)

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