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Archaeological Institute – With Vision To Share Israel’s Biblically Significant Discoveries – Opens New Jerusalem Office

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Understanding and learning lessons from the past is critical to understanding where human beings have been and where we are going, according to Brent Nagtegaal of the Armstrong Institute of Biblical Archaeology in Jerusalem. The Institute, named after philanthropist and theologian Herbert W. Armstrong, focuses on sharing Israel’s biblical archaeology and significant discoveries from excavations in Jerusalem in order to showcase them around the world. The new building opened on Sept. 4. “The excavations are mainly focused on the biblical period,” Nagtegaal told Christian journalist Paul Calvert during a recent interview. “We’re trying to give life to the Bible in a way that puts the actual physical artifacts, associates them with biblical history. And that’s what we find in Jerusalem repeatedly. We find excavation that’s done, in many ways, in a scientific manner that is separate from the biblical text. And yet we find it very much correlating with the history we all read in the Bible… (READ MORE)

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