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ZEITGEIST 2025 IS COMING… And Bill Gates Pledges Hundreds Of Millions For Global Digital ID

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Although Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, and the World Economic Forum would like the world to believe their goals are to improve our “health” and “well-being,” they intend to dominate human beings globally. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has renewed its commitment to digital ID, topping up its investment in the space as part of a total package of $1.27 billion in support for global health and development projects. The latest funding commitment includes $200 million for digital public infrastructure, which includes digital ID and civil registry databases. As reported in Biometrics News, “The announcement accompanies the sixth annual ‘Goalkeepers Report,’ which assesses progress towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.” UN SDG 16.9 sets a goal of universal legal identity by 2030, including birth registration. Efforts to meet that goal have been tied to digital identity programs worldwide… (READ MORE)

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